Kim Belding (Picpak Dog Comics)

Kim Belding (Second Interview)

Bret Juliano (Dust Bunny Mafia)

Brad Perri (Pirate Mike)

Joe Flanders (Ninja & Pirate)

Byron Wilkins (1977 the comic)

Frank Page (Bob the Squirrel)

David Hurley (Don’t Pick the Flowers)

Max West (Sunnyville Stories)

Max West (Second Interview)

Patrick McCuen (The Devil & Gandhi)

Vince Dorse (The Untold Tales of Bigfoot)

James Boyd (Sunny Side Up)

Jon Esparza (Bubblefox)

 Jon Esparza (Second Interview)

Tom Nash (Tut & Groan)

Dana Atnip (Galactic Dragons)

Neil Brun (Fat Bassist Comics)

James Florence (Jay Unplugged)

Chris Grabowski (Poorly Drawn Thoughts)

Madeline Holly-Rosing (Boston Metaphysical Society)

Peter Rasmussen (Fatherhood Badly Doodled)

Frank Altomari (Pink & Black)

Anthony Hunter (Silent Sillies)

Jonathan Murdock (Dungeon Hordes)

Mike McDonald (Cat & Cat Comics)

Saad Azim (Sunny Side Up)

Howard Stacy (Pesky Gremlins)

Pat Sandy (Next Door Neighbors)

Jose Sepi (My Son is a Dog)

Neecko (Joe’s Bar Toons)

Neil Kohney (The Other End Comics)

Laura Yang (Yin & Yangster)

Anthony Camarota (Plan C)

Eric Salinas (Something About Celeste)

Vlado Janevski (Bebe’s Times)

Erin Gillespie (Erin Gillespie Cartoons)

Charles Brubaker (Ask a Cat & The Fuzzy Princess)

Dee Parson (Pen & Ink Comics)

Scott A. Jenkins (Madbury)

Brian Ponshock (Prideland, Mindframe)

Chris Bays (MythDirection)