Welcome to the Root Beer Party

The Root Beer Party is a group of people who love Root Beer and want everyone to love it as much as we do.  Created by the comic genius’s Jon Esparza and Kim Belding, webcomic artists extraordinaire, Jon is the creator of Bubblefox  http://bubblefox.thecomicseries.com/comics/ and Peppertown http://www.peppertown.thecomicseries.com/comics/ as well as the Crazyverse http://jonscrazystuff.blogspot.com/ and Kim Belding is the creator of Picpak Dog http://www.picpak.net/ and also runs an internet radio station for indie music http://qcindie.com/listen-live/ and despite all of this they still found time to create the Root Beer Party.  This website is dedicated to all things root beer and webcomics.  check back often for updates.

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