Big News in the Root Beer Party!

DSC04279 DSC04278 DSC04280 DSC04281 DSC04282 DSC04283 DSC04284 DSC04287 DSC04288 DSC04289 DSC04290 DSC04291 DSC04292untitled (2)

After years of neglect by Kim Belding the icon, Mr. Blob has found a new home with me as his official owner and creator.  According to Root Beer Party tradition, Mr. Blob has been officially transferred to me.  In an official ruling Judge Jenna made the official announcement :  “This is amazing. You actually did it all! Chris now owns Mr. Blob! *gavel bang*”

This has been building for months and Jon and I have tried to convince Kim of the great potential of Mr. Blob.  It led to a week long series of comics by me called “Way Back Wednesday Presents: Scraps and Mr. Blob see above.

So after all of that Mr. Blob has finally found a home and once again the Root Beer Party came to the rescue of a forgotten maligned character.


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