My 2 Cents, for what it’s worth: A great way to learn to draw comics

What is the best way to learn to draw comics?  There are all sorts of books on drawing as well as videos and even whole academic programs dedicated to the craft of Art.  The best way I learned was to learn from the masters.  Learning how to draw comics is not an easy thing, you have to learn to look at the world in a completely new way.    I am still learning to draw comics myself and studying the art and craft of other cartoonists has taught me more than any other way I have tried.

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During the process, I tried all sorts of tools and papers to see what effects could be achieved.  I used ink and nib pens to watercolor pencils and cheap sketch books to watercolor paper post cards, to Bristol board.  I have used various pens from sharpies to Crayola markers to Microns and Prismacolor markers.  Sometimes the tools make a huge difference, for instance the color of the markers is very different on different types of paper and the color achieved by markers compared to pastels or colored pencils is much deeper and richer and I feel much more appropriate to comics.

I have also noted the difference between using just black and white to adding color, there is a stark divide between using one or the other and they both can have powerful effects.  I really think it depends on the atmosphere you are trying to create in you drawing.  Some of my more technical drawings, I felt, were better before I added the color.

So the answer is:  How do you become a better artist:  You have to actually do it and then do it over and over again, there is no shortcut, no natural god given ability that only a few are born with, it is a learned skill, just like anything else.  There is an old Japanese saying that goes: an artist is a man who has drawn twenty thousand pictures and thrown away all but one.

I still have a long way to go myself before I get to the 20,000 mark, but I got a new sketch pad, an old pen and pencil and a fridge full of Root Beer, so I am all set to give myself another lesson in the world of Art.  I hope this helps you out if you are interested in pursuing Art as a hobby or a career, We have several interviews with real artists here on the site, where they explain their own approaches to the craft,  Until next time, may you mug always be frosty and your root beer foamy.


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