Byron Wilkins goes to KomiKon in Manila


As you know true believers, we here at the Root Beer Party are as much about web comics as about Root Beer so we are here to bring to you the news of web comic creator Byron Wilkins and his hope of attending a big international KomiKon convention in Manila. Byron’s current comic is 1977 the comic a semi-autobiographical comic.  (It would be biographical except for all the stuff he made up cause he couldn’t remember what really happened.)  which you can check out here:

Byron is trying to raise money for the trip to Manila, which as any web comic creator knows is the hardest thing to come to terms with in the business, is that money and art do not live in the same area code, so he is covering all the expenses for the event itself, room/board, convention fees, food/drink etc. but is hoping to get some help with the cost of the flight.

So this is our chance to step up and help make a difference in the world of art.  Byron has established a go fund me page and is asking for help, there are rewards and prizes to those that help him make this happen.  it is not easy for someone to break out in this business as many of you true believer’s know, all the work that the comic creators put out there is done at their own expense of time and materials for us to enjoy free of charge.

This would be a big opportunity for Byron to go and he needs our help to do it, so check out his website and then if you like what you see and appreciate what he is doing then you can help him and his comic get international exposure at KomiKon here:

The choice is yours true believers.  We all enjoy free comics everyday from countless sources, if you can think about giving something back to the web comic world and lend a hand.  Every dollar helps.

I hope you think about helping out and until next time true believers: May your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.


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