Jon Esparza’s CRAZY Cartoon Experiment

Voted by the Root Beer Party as: Best innovative idea in web comics: The CRAZY cartoon experiment

Jon Esparza is one of the driving forces of the web comic community.  On top of writing, drawing and publishing 2 web comic series Bubblefox and Peppertown and doing a weekly blog on comics as well:

He is also one of the most passionate supporters of web comics and their creators.  Every year Jon organizes a CRAZY Cartoon Experiment, where he challenges any web comic artists to make a gag based on a common theme.  The theme last year was Thanksgiving Day Parade: where comic artist could see how their characters would look inflated to enormous proportions and floated down Broadway.  Here they are below:


Kim Belding, Picpak Dog:


Jon Esparza; The man himself


Thomas Barnett, The Lil Miester:


Warren Frantz, Off Season:


Tim Green, Vinnie the Vampire:


Ben Starzec, of Dogs, Ducks & Aliens:


Darrell Toland, Stix and Bones:


Jason Platt, Mister & Me:


Jamie Cosley, Cody the Cavalier:


Scott Warren, Crunchy Bunches:


EW Crowe, the Hat and Fat:


Matt Gross, CAAATS! :


Mark Stokes Zombie Boy Comics:


Bryce Prevatte, Drake the Cool Vampire:


James Point Du Jour, Satchel and Duff:


Jim Haas, Nate The Robot:


Joseph D. Rodriguez, Wacky Monkeys:

This is just the collection from last years batch.  Jon has been doing this for many years and introducing comic artist to new fans.  So how does the hardest working man in comics do it?  I don’t know True Believers, he is a man who is passionate about comics, making them and promoting them.  He is a fixture at comic cons all across California, trying to find new ways and new ideas to get his comics and others to the mainstream.

He is, as we speak, trying to get this years CRAZY cartoon experiment off the ground and show the world some new comics and even help fellow artists view their own creations in a new way.  Here’s to hoping we have many more CRAZY cartoon experiments in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post from many great comic artists, maybe you were introduced to a few new ones here as well.  So Check out their work, just crack open a bottle or can of your favorite Root Beer and hit the web in search of great toons that will make you laugh, cry, sing and even think.  So until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

Tune in next week True Believers for another post of the 2013 CRAZY cartoon experiment.


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