Web Comic Spotlight: Zombie Boy by Mark Stokes


Zombie boy comics ( http://www.zombieboycomics.com/ ) is the brainchild of comic artist and one of the first really big webcomic creators, Mark Stokes.  The series has had many interpretations over the years as a comic book series before finding it’s home on the web as a gag a day comic strip.


This is cast of characters on the site currently.  The strip follows the lead character of Zombie boy as he makes his way in the world of the living and the dead, but the strip is not limited to just the exploration of Zombie boy, in recent years Mark has expanded the Zombie Boy universe to include a collection of bug characters that give the series an almost “Through the Looking Glass” kind of feel as we begin to see Mark form a sort of worlds within worlds in the Zombie Boy universe.

He does play with some seasonal themes as well, with my personal favorite character of Gorr in his many guises as the leaf bandit in the fall and the snow bandit in the winter.  Under the guise of leaves and snow, Gorr gets into all sort of hijinks which often overlaps into the many worlds of the Zombie Boy universe.


The supernatural aspect of the strip is downplayed in the web comic and it is much more of an all ages comic with supernatural elements, but a gentle humor which offsets the morbid origins of the series.  I often refer to it as the Addams Family meets Peanuts in it’s sensibility.

After about a year of harassment by myself and others, Mark finally gave in and published the first collected volume of Zombie Boy, which can be found on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Boy-Some-Kind-Horrible/dp/0986440302

It is a great collection and in full color, so no short cuts were taken in the production of this book.  I got my own copy from his Kickstarter campaign which was a huge success to provide funds for the publishing.  Many people already know the wonder of Mark Stokes and the Zombie Boy Universe.  He is one of the most prolific and consistent artists on the web and his comic is nothing less than “magical.”

Check out Zombie Boy comics, I highly recommend it, and if you don’t want to take my word, check out David Hurley’s interview with Mark Here: http://www.dontpicktheflowers.com/blog/?p=3201 or his write up in Best web comics here: http://best-webcomics.com/artist-zombie-boy-webcomics/ or an extended interview on the webcomic show here: http://gooberandcindy.com/interviews/mark-stokes-of-zombie-boy

I think we are all in agreement that Mark is at the top of his game and Zombie Boy is truly one of the best webcomic series out there.  So for those of you who don’t already follow Zombie Boy, as Zombie Boy himself proves, there is always time.  So check it out now.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

One thought on “Web Comic Spotlight: Zombie Boy by Mark Stokes

  1. I couldn’t ask for a nicer review of my work! This article really made me feel that all those solo hours hunched over a drawing desk and tablet were well worth it! It’s nice to hear that my work is appreciated because being a cartoonist is a tough job, especially when those weekly deadlines approach! One thing I’ll say is that I’m always trying to make Zombie Boy Comics the kind of comic strip I’D like to read. If I’m having fun creating it, maybe it will fun to read, too! Thanks for all your uber-kind words!


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