20 Questions with Web Comic Creators David Hurley from Don’t Pick the Flowers


Here we are once again True Believers with another installment of our popular series of interviews with web comic creators.  Today we bring you David Hurley from Don’t Pick the Flowers.  This is a classic gothic strip in the vein of the original Addams Family, but with more heart.  The strip can be viewed here: http://www.dontpicktheflowers.com/

Don’t pick the flowers is one of the most interesting and original strips on the web and if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out now and without further ado, we bring you David Hurley:

Question 1: What got you started in doing a comic series?

I basically wanted to be a comic artist for many years, or at least in the back of my mind through the years. With the advent of webcomics I was able to start doing it on my own.

Question 2: Who was you greatest influence?

That would be hard to say, but I would go with Berkeley Breathed. My work is nothing like his but he is one of the reasons I wanted to make comics.

Question 3: What is your favorite root beer and why?

Haha, is this a trick question? Actually I’m not really partial to any brand but I will say A & W.

Question 4: What do you hope to accomplish with your comic?

To continually get better and I hope to inspire and entertain others.

Question 5: Do you have any other artistic interests outside of comics?

There are many things that interest me like music, film and other visual arts. If you are asking if I plan to create art outside of comics, painting.

Question 6: Do you see yourself as a professional cartoonist, or is this just something you do for yourself?

There is a certain distinction when you say professional cartoonist by the majority of your income that comes from cartooning or who you are employed by, so with that being said I consider myself a cartoonist who tries to be professional.

Question 7: What type of subject or humor do you consider out of bounds for your strips and why?

I believe a person has the right to create what they want. I personally don’t like to produce “trashy” comics or anything with foul language. It doesn’t fit what I’m doing with Don’t Pick the Flowers.

Question 8: What kind of equipment or style of drawing do you use?

For my comic I sketch out the drawings and usually ink with Micron pens, and then color in Photoshop.

Question 9: what sort of training or academic program did you pursue to become a cartoonist?

I have degrees in Studio Art and Art Education plus some Digital Media. But I never trained to be a cartoonist. It has and is a learning process.

Question 10: What has been the highlight of your cartooning career?

When I create something I’m really proud of, no specific moment.

Question 11: What has been the lowest point in your cartooning career?

Again, it’s not a moment but when I’ve created crap. But you pick yourself up and do another one.

Question 12: Are collections of your work available beyond the web? If So where?

Yes and lots of things planned. I would suggest following Don’t Pick the Flowers on Facebook for updates. If you aren’t on Facebook, links will be provided on Don’t Pick the Flowers website: www.dontpicktheflowers.com And this is being updated so it’s best to check Facebook.

Question 13: Are there any other web comic artists that you really admire?

I can tell you my top 5 favorite comics (now this will exclude the obvious ones like Peanuts, Bloom County, The Far Side etc) and of course these are in no particular order and I can’t read them on a daily basis unfortunately. I love Dark Side of the Horse by Samson, Lio by Mark Tatulli, Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson, Zombie Boy by Mark Stokes, and I am sure there is someone else . . . but I will keep you guessing.


Question 14: What kind of impact has cartooning had on your life and could you ever see yourself not doing it?

A positive impact of course, but like everyone else I can’t see the future. I just want to keep challenging myself to try something new.

Question 15: Do you have any advice for the Trolls out there who harass content creators? (no need to keep this answer clean.)

It’s best to block them and not engage with them, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

Question 16: Do you set yourself any deadlines or other tricks to keep yourself motivated?

Always, but I love doing it and that’s a good motivation.

Question 17: Apart from root beer, what is your favorite drink?


Question 18: Are you already a member of the root beer party and if not, what is the matter with you?

I was waiting for the invitation!

Question 19: What is the most challenging aspect of cartooning for you?

I do work so it would be my day to day work schedule.

Question 20: What are your future plans involving web comics or anything else going on in your life?

Always move forward.


And there you have it True Believers, Another great interview brought to you by the Root Beer Party, So until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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