Comic collections review: Flash Gordon, On the Planet Mongo by Alex Raymond


This is the first collection of Alex Raymond’s and Don Moore’s collaboration on Flash Gordon.  This collection is all of the Sunday strips from 1934-1937 and published by Titan Books.  This collection is the first of a series of books collecting all of their work and is lavishly printed in full color and restored to their original gloss.  It is a great collection for any fan of Alex Raymond’s artwork and the beginning origin and storyline of one of the greatest science fiction icons in history.

This is the series that launched Raymond’s career as one of the best comic artists to ever grace the newspaper page.  His detailed work is unparalleled to this day and the story line by Don Moore is fast and exciting, it really keeps the reader turning the pages.  This is the best edition of Raymond’s Flash Gordon work that I have ever seen printed.  I have several of his other collections printed over the years, but this one is by far the best quality.  If you want Flash Gordon, this is the set of books you need to get.  There are 3 volume already out that collect all of Raymond’s work,  The 4th volume which will be released soon begins with the work of a new artist.

This collection is Flash Gordon at his best, all of the excitement and action which became the stuff of legend.  It has spawned movies, serials, cartoons, novels, toys and comic books.  This collection is where it all began, and it holds up really well even today.  It is a fun read to anyone who likes science fiction, and the artwork is arguably the best in the business.  So I highly recommend this set and this edition of the comic strip, they can be gotten off Amazon, or in  your local book store, if they carry any real selection of comic strips.

So treat yourself to one of the best action and science fiction comics ever made, and until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.


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