Webcomic Spotlight: Evan Yeti by Mat Washburn


Evan Yeti Web Site: http://www.evanyeti.com/

Evan Yeti is an amazing action adventure web comic.  it is more in the graphic novel style rather than the gag a day comics.  It is one of the most fun and exciting web comics out there right now and well worth your time to binge read the several chapters that are already up on the site.  Once you start following the adventures of Evan and his motley crew, you will be hooked.

The story begins as Evan and his parents are set upon by the mercenary Trashmen who search the planet for rare species of animals which are sought by the eccentric Stromlock.  The story follows Evan, who escapes in his quest to find and free his parents from his evil clutches.

The story has amazing art and the detail and draftsmanship are flawless, the perfect combination of design and form really lend to the story and draw the reader along in the series.


Mat’s creative use of draftsmanship is reminiscent of Eisner in execution.  He challenges the comic standards where he see fit and really entertains the reader visually as well as intellectually.

The comic includes all sorts of creative characters from a living snowman to walrus kings and alien dinosaurs, Mat has all the bases covered in the creation of his world.


Evan is the fearless and brave crusader who challenges danger and yet he is also the charismatic buffoon who often lets luck pull him out of situations which are beyond his comprehension.  This is a fun, energetic comic which really highlights the storytelling abilities of Mat Washburn as well his ingenious artistic designs.  I highly recommend this comic to everyone.  It is a fun, all ages comic which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.


Mat also has a blog in which he addresses his creative process and highlights some of his own favorite webcomics.   http://evanyeti.blogspot.com/

So check out Evan yeti and enjoy one of the best webcomics online today.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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