The First Ever Root Beer Party “Toon Off”

Today marks the end of the first ever “Toon Off” on Twitter between two of the elite members of the Root Beer Party.  In this corner we have me, with the Root Beer Party Mascot Mr. Blob and in the opposing corner we have Kim Belding of Picpak Dog Comics. (Here: )

Jon Esparza of Bubblefox and Peppertown fame, hosted the event and assigned the challenges.  (Here: and )

Round 1: Pie to the Face

While I went for the more traditional gag, Kim stepped it up with bring a math joke into the mix.  It’s a sign of a pro to step up your game and deliver the goods and Kim did just that in this round.

Winner round 1: Kim Belding

Round 2: Delayed Reaction, Falling Off A Cliff

untitled (5)untitled (3)

I choose to go with the classic Loony Tunes style, with a math joke thrown in,  but fortune was against me and Jon choose Kim’s toon.

Winner Round 2: Kim Belding

This Toon off was for 3 out of 5 so I had to bring my A game now or it was all over.  Sudden death overtime and Jon came at us with another challenge:

Round 3: Eating a Spicy Hot Chili Pepper

untitled (2)untitled

This time Justice was served and so was Kim who was doing some serious trash talking at this point.  It was so vicious that Jon penalized Kim one point for unnecessary roughness.

Winner Round 3: Me + Bonus Point

Round 4 was now anybody’s game.  it was all even at 2 points each.  Then Jon threw out the next challenge:

Round 4: Anvil Falling

untitled (7)untitled (4)

I went with a fast conservative classic gag, but Kim (who took all night and most of the next morning) came back with a double barreled pun.

Winner round 4: Kim Belding

Now I still had a chance to tie and bring about a sudden death overtime finish and Jon brought out his signature move for round 5.

Round 5: Inflation

untitled (8)CUEI6AvUYAApVMW

Now I submitted mine quick and once again Kim took his time, he said his pad crashed, but when my markers were running out, I just switched to pencils in round 4 without requesting more time.  I’m just saying, a real artist works with what they have.  But his extension was granted and Kim delivered with an inflation of his entire cast and Mr. Blob.

Round 5 Winner: Kim Belding

So in 5 rounds I only won once and got a penalty point for Kim’s unnecessary roughness call.  One out of five was no where near good enough to win the day in any competition, much less a “toon off.”  Kim wins this one hands down, but as my art mentor said at the end of every show:


So I hope you enjoy the toons True Believers, and as always, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.



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