12 Days of Root Beer: Day 3


Another strong flavored root beer today.  Not too sweet, in fact, a little on the bitter side.  My main problem with this root beer is the strong after taste it leaves in your mouth.  You will be tasting root beer for a few hours after drinking this one.

It is more carbonated than the Chicago root beer but still has a heavy syrup quality to it.  It would be good paired with a food or snack that is very strongly flavored as it will have to compete with the essential oil overload of the root beer extract.

There is no clean finish to this one either.  it lacks the balance of a flavor profile that you get from many of the others.  This is an unapologetic root beer right here.  You know you are drinking root beer and you will know it for several hours afterwards.  It does leave a strong impression.

I give this one a 4 out of 10.  I like the stronger flavor, but without balance, it loses me as a truly great root beer.  This one reminds me of something that would be made by an individual who was experimenting with making root beer at home.  I feel it could stand to improve from some adjustments to the recipe.  If you like the strong sharp root beers than this one will be among your favorites.  If you look for a smooth finish and a nice balance of flavors, than check out something else.

Until next time true believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.  Special shout out to Kim Belding for providing this awesome gift this holiday season.  Tune in tomorrow for O-so Butterscotch Root Beer.

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