12 Days of Root Beer: Day 8


Today’s root beer is Boylan Root Beer.  This one was actually pretty good.  It had a well balanced flavor profile and tasted like a root beer should.  It wasn’t overly sweet and was a little too carbonated, but otherwise an excellent addition to your root beer larder.

My only real complaint is that the finish is really weak.  It is a really good root beer and if it had a little more vanilla, or (dare to dream) butterscotch, in the end profile, it would be perfect, but I would give this a 7 out of 10.  It is what you would expect from a root beer.  I would recommend this one, it is similar to what you would get from a mass produced root beer.  (A&W being the exception, that is 10 out of 10 and the measure for which all other root beer is judged)

So this one is worth picking up and giving a try.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.  Tune in tomorrow for Day 9: River City Root Beer.



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