Comic Collection Review: Mickey Mouse Race To Death Valley by Floyd Gottfredson


The is the first volume of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse newspaper comics by Floyd Gottfredson released by Fantigraphics Books.  There are several more volumes in the series already released.

This is the classic Disney adventure comic made during the heyday of  Disney’s creative era during the 1930’s.  Mickey has always been the mascot of Disney and has been overlooked as a character in his own right.  During this period Mickey and his gang went on all sorts of crazy adventures that were done with amazing artwork and great story telling.

This is the Walt Disney that people grew to love, not the omnipresent multinational corporation that buys all their creative content, this was when they made it themselves.

Minnie inherits and old house in this series and hidden inside is a map to a hidden gold mine.  Mickey stops the evil lawyer (who would now be a perfect representative of a Disney executive) from swindling Minnie and stealing her inheritance.

They race to recover the stolen map and then race to find the lost mine.  It is a great continuity strip that pairs right along side anything that Carl Barks was doing with the Duck clan.

It is a quick read and really engaging, the action never stops and the pace of the race is relentless.  Mickey of course wins the day, but a great adventure story is told in the process.  I would highly recommend this series of books to any cartoon collector, or anyone who wants to know how Disney became the entertainment masters of the world.  This is where it all began.  With great characters and highly talented writers and artists.

This is a newspaper strip that reads like a comic book, a wonderful addition to any collection of comic strips or comic books.

You can find these on Amazon or I’m sure the Disney website will have links as well if you can wade through all the Star Wars stuff.  Mickey is the mouse who built the kingdom, and this collection will show you how he did it.  Until next time, True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.


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