Comic Collection review: The Lockhorns by Bill Hoest


This is the first collection of The Lockhorns by Bill Hoest.  it is a great collection of the classic bickering couple from the 1970’s.

The Lockhorns are a reflection of the middle class suburban couple and the end of the nuclear family myth of the 1950’s.  The keeping up with the Jones’s mentality of consumerism is reflected in the bitterness and sarcasm that they constantly bicker about with each other.

It lacks the drunken abuse of Andy Capp, but it is a similar style strip.  The comic was extremely popular and still is although it is done today by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner.

One unique quality about the strip is that it is only about the couple Leroy and Loretta.  There are no kids or wacky neighbors in the strip, it is just about the bickering couple and their lackluster marriage.  they both give as good as they get and there is no dominate winner or loser here, no hen pecked husband or brow beaten wife, but a marriage of equal sarcastic wit.

It is a little hard to find the collections in book form, there were only paperbacks published in the 70’s and 80’s and are long out of print.  You can find them readily enough, but for some reason they tend to go for $15 – $20 dollars apiece.  You can find them cheap occasionally and I would recommend picking them up.  They are really funny comics and well worth the investment for any serious comic strip collector.

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