Comic Collection Review: Popeye The Great Comic Strip Tales by Bud Sagendorf


Bud Sagendorf was the heir apparent of E.C. Segar.  He was actually hired and trained as Segar’s assistant and worked on the newspaper strip for years along side the creator of Thimble Theater, but when Segar died in 1938, King features thought Bud was to young and he did not take over the strip he had spent 7 years learning to make.

He was assigned to other smaller features in the King Features Syndicate, but when the opportunity arose from the syndicate to do a comic book and Bud Sagendorf rose to the challenge, it would be another two decades before he would finally complete the circle and take over the Popeye newspaper comic strip, but in the meantime, he wrote and drew some of Popeye’s greatest adventures in the Dell comic books of the 40’s and 50’s.

This collection makes up the cream of the crop of his work during this period.  It shows the depth of knowledge that Segendorf had learned at the feet of the Popeye’s creator and it seems like a natural extension of the character.  This is one case where the student even surpassed the master in some aspects, the comic books lengthy format allowed Segendorf to expand on the characters of Popeye and his crew and take the adventures further then they had ever gone before.

In this volume we see several of his battles with the Sea Hag as well as some of his own inventions, like the mischievous Misermites, Martian boxers, the Dismal Demons, and of course, the Nothings.  He also has crazy adventures with shrink weed and spinach soap.  If you like the work of Popeye at his best, and in the common form in which he is known today, a character cemented by Segendorf rather than the rougher character done by Segar, then you will enjoy this collection.

This is a great read for anyone who enjoys Popeye and a great launching pad for those of you who would like a great introduction to the character.  You can pick up the book on Amazon here:

It is worth the money of any serious comic collector, there is also a series of collections put out under the name Popeye classics which make up a more complete series of Segendorf’s work in the comic books, so you can skip this one if you want to get the more complete works.  This is a best of collection and the strips will be included in the more expansive volumes.

So sit back and enjoy the best series from one of the most iconic characters in comic strip history.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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