Finally the Complete Garfield Collection!!!


After three long years of searching E-bay and Amazon’s used book dealers, we have finally completed the Garfield collection for the Root Beer Party Archives.  That’s right, we now have all 60 volumes of Garfield.  As a kid I remember owning volumes 1 – 15, but they were long lost from years of moving back and forth across the country, but now the Root Beer Party archives contains the complete collection once again.

Jim Davis’s classic cat series parodying the narcissistic, consumerism of the American dream is now once again at my fingertips.  I also picked up some of the special books based on TV specials as well as the book Garfield minus Garfield, and even Jim Davis’s pseudo-biography: My life with Jon Arbuckle.  The Root Beer Party comics archives grows a little everyday and today we celebrate a huge milestone in the preservation and appreciation of one of the most iconic comics of the Twentieth century.

Today we toast Jim Davis and his fat cat Garfield.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.





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