Comic collection Review: Hagar the Horrible The Epic Chronicles 1982-1983 by Dik Brown


The world’s 4th most famous Viking is back in vol. 7 of the complete Hagar the Horrible series by Dik Brown.  This volume shows Hagar in his 9th and 10th year when his comic really hit it’s stride.  Brown has completely mastered the format by this point and easily slips from puns to uncomfortable humor with the flick of a pen.

The unusual premise of Hagar as a marauding Viking is even played for laughs as in one strip, Helga tells him to “have a good day and play nice”, to which he replies, “I’ve never asked you this before, but do you know what I do for a living?”  There is another strip where Helga berates Hagar for having to much of a good time in France, a subtle stab at the pillaging lifestyle of the main character.

Despite it’s unlikely premise, Hagar the Horrible has gone on to become one of the classic comic strips of the latter half of the Twentieth Century.  Brown even has several Reuben awards to his credit for the series.

Although Dik Brown passed away in 1989, his son has taken over the strip and it’s still produced today.  In today’s more PC environment, Hagar no longer alludes to his wayfaring lifestyle, but focuses more on his home life and his henpecked ways.  It was always the contrast of Hagar being the wild and feared barbarian to the world at large while being a brow beaten husband and father at home which has been the fodder for the strip.  For 43 years Hagar the Horrible has been one of the most enduring comics out there.

You can check out this volume on Amazon at and for only $15.53 it is a bargain for comic collectors.  The other volumes are available as well and well worth checking out.  Be sure to add Hagar the Horrible to your comic library, it will earn it’s keep.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your Root Beer always foamy.

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