The 1st Annual Root Beer Party Awards Part 6


The winner of this award is none other than Bret Juliano of the Dust Bunny Mafia doing what they do best.  If you haven’t already done it, check out the Dust Bunny Mafia over at

Bret is a member of long standing in the Root Beer Party and also a great friend to the cause, check out his 20 questions interview on the site.  Bret has been doing the Dust Bunny mafia for a few years now and they offer their services on the site.  If you want to order a hit or join the family just click on the links.

These are good old fashioned dirty deeds, but they are not cheap.  Invite this loveable little mafia family into your home and for a fee, no one will ever bother you again.

Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy, but if anyone asks you didn’t see this post.  Just keep browsing, nothing more to see here.



1st annual Root Beer Party Awards Part 5


Now for the big award:  Best Web Comic of the Year for 2015 (Drum roll)  Ninja & Pirate Comics by Joe Flanders!  (Wild applause, the crowd goes wild!)

Joe has been making Ninja & Pirate since he was in high school and began posting it online.  In the years that followed, he released Vol. 1 of Ninja & Pirate as a book:

Joe has been a great friend to the Root Beer Party and did an interview for our 20 questions segment last year.  We have been following Joe’s comic for years and were one of the first to add Ninja & Pirate Vol. 1 into the official Root Beer Party comic archives.

Joe’s art has just been amazing as he has incorporated a fine artistic realism into his circular style over the last 2 years.  He is also the master of background detail adding a depth to his comic which really sets it apart.

Check out Ninja & Pirate and see for yourself why it was voted best web comic of 2015 and as always True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.


1st annual Root Beer Party Awards part 4


Today we honer one of the most generous and best friends of the Root Beer Party, Max West of Sunnyville Stories. He has been a great friend to us sitting down and giving us several interviews and sharing his knowledge and love of comics and comic making.  Max was one of the first interviews we did in our 20 questions segment and the only one to come back for 20 more.

Max shares a lot of his hard earned knowledge and experience over on his site as well as sneak peaks of his great graphic novel series Sunnyville Stories.  He also has a Southern gothic book called Von Herling: Vampire Hunter available as well.  You can find it on Amazon here, as well as Sunnyville Stories:

Sunnyville Stories vol. 3 just came out on Kindle and will soon be available in hard copy as well.  Catch up with Rusty and the gang as they explore the world of Sunnyville and in microcosm, the world at large.  Max has created a great graphic novel series and once you start reading it you will be hooked.

So for a great friend of the Root Beer Party and a great comic artist and writer, we salute you today Max with a toast of Fresh Draft Mug Root Beer.  Thanks for the great comics and the interviews.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

1st annual Root Beer Party Awards Part 3


And the winner is……

That’s the last time we let Steve Harvey guest host our award show.  But seriously, the award goes to Jon Esparza of Bubblefox He has kept us all in suspense these long months as Bubble has fought off the weasels to protect the mysterious egg. 

It is a gripping dramatic element that led Galactic Dragons creator  Dana Atnip to create the hashtag #SaveTheEgg and get it trending on twitter. 

Jon Esparza is also one of the cofounders of the Root Beer Party and fought bravely in the Root Beer Wars with great distinction and honor.  We sacrificed much so that the future could be a better place with comics and root beer for all.  Right Steve?

“It is fitting that #SaveTheEgg won today on Easter and yes it is a coincidence, sort of, maybe what are we talking about???  Oh yeah, Peppertown.  It’s a great strip by Jon Esparza about a guy named Joe and his new alien friend Wendy.  It is a very dramatic and serious webcomic taking on all the great philosophical debates of the last half of the twentieth century and bringing them in line with the current socio-economic realities of today.”

That’s it Steve Harvey, that was your last chance!  You are off the show!  Congratulations Jon, on doing 2 great comics.  Keep up the great work.  We salute you and drink this toast (With Barqs of course) in your honor and don’t forget: #SaveTheEgg !!!!

Until tomorrow True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

1st Annual root Beer Party Awards Part 2


For the first time ever true Believers, we honor a non-Root Beer Party member.  A special award has been created for the humor and contributions shown by Donna McKay of “Once Upon a Donna”  She often gets tagged in the epic Root Beer Party debates on Twitter.  Next thing you know, her timeline has 80 new posts on it and she has a permanent record of the internal struggle of diplomatic diplomacy that is the Root beer Party.

She even did a great comic about it on her site:

Twitter Debate

This shows the humor and class with which she addressed the situation.  It is an awesome representation of what the root beer party is all about.  Sometimes it takes the fresh eyes of another person to show you what you are truly like and this is just an awesome parody on what we do.

Beware being tagged in a Root Beer Party debate, unless you like the passionate silliness that makes our party the best party on the planet.  We include everyone here at the Root Beer Party, members and non-members alike.  Thanks Donna for being such a good sport about everything.  In the first annual Root Beer Party awards we salute you for your humor and your great web comic blog.

Check out her great site here True Believers, and thanks again Donna, for the great comic.  Mr. Blob never looked better.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.  Cheers!

The First Annual Root Beer Party Awards


Here we are True Believers, the first annual Root Beer Party awards for comic greatness.  We open up our ceremony honoring the great humanitarian comic works of Kim Belding of Picpak Dog comics. who generously donated his character Mr. Blob to the Root Beer Party to become our official mascot.  Not only that, but he does monthly sketches for his peatrons and can always be counted on to provide a much needed guest comic to just about any comic creator on the web.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also went beyond the call of duty and started his own radio station QCindie to share his love of music with the world.  untitled.png

As one of the co-founders of the Root Beer Party, Kim’s generosity extends to the inspiring choice of a gift he sent to us with 12 different root beers to try out over the holidays.  It is sometimes awkward to talk about the virtues of someone and give them praise when it is due, but we open our award season this year by commending Kim for his generosity of spirit  and his commitment to his art, as well as the art of others.  Our first award of the golden phonograph award goes to Kim Belding, the comic creator we all aspire to emulate.  So the first toast of root beer is for our good friend Kim (A&W of course) for most generous comic creator.

Tune in tomorrow as we reveal our next category and the winner is????

Until then True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

Comic Collection Review: Cookies for my Inner Demons by Frank Page


Cookies for my Inner Demons is the collection of Bob the Squirrel comics from 2009.  This is actually the first Bob the squirrel book that I read and the first time I was introduced to Frank Page’s comic genius.  You can read his strip here:

Bob the squirrel is a slice of life comic which loosely follows the real life of Frank Page.  He pulls the little adventures of life out and turns them into comics starring his alter ego, Bob, the main character of the strip.

Frank page is kind of the ideal for web comic artists.  He has been plugging away working on his strip for well over a decade, he has over a dozen collections of his work available, and he has truly made the medium his own.

This collection follows Frank’s life as he assimilates to moving in with his girlfriend as well as her daughter and their pets, this makes for a great storyline between the adjustments made in his personal life as well as how Bob reacts to living with an assortment of other animals.


Bob the Squirrel is part gag a day comic and part autobiography, it deals with subjects that other comics don’t.  You could compare it to “For Better or For Worse”, or “Funky Winkerbean” but you would be doing it a disservice.  Bob the Squirrel a much more than those strips and really shows the possibilities of web comics that aren’t constrained by the normal restrictions placed on newspaper comics.  In this strip, Frank can do and does do anything he wants and with the daily addition of “Squirrelosophy” we can see Bob in a new context removed from his daily strip, Frank literally has redefined the comic medium with his character and I can’t wait to see what he will be doing next.


You can get Frank’s books from Lulu press, not just Bob the Squirrel, but also some of his graphic novels which we will be reviewing at a later date here:

This is one of the premier web comic creators and one of the best comics on the web.  Frank Page is doing to web comics what Will Eisner did for comic books, he is challenging the medium and reinventing it as he goes along.  Check out his work and join the legions of fans who already know about the hardest working man in comics.   Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

Comic Collection Review: The Complete Far Side by Gary Larson


I’m sure everyone is familiar with the single paneled classic comic The Far Side.  I include it here because they finally released a complete version of the series in a three volume set.  This has been out for years in a deluxe leather bound set as well as a hardback set both retailing for hundreds of dollars, but now it is available in a paperback set which flirts with affordable at $60 on Amazon

This strip ran for 15 years during the great resurgence of the newspaper comic in the 80’s and 90’s.  There were a lot of great comics being written and introduced during this time and The Far Side was one of the best.  It would sit down on the bottom of the page of the Washington Post comic strip page and offer something completely different in terms of humor.  Many of the comic strips of that period followed the standard three or four panel format, but Garry Larson did something completely different.  He used just one panel and offered up a sort of surreal concept which puzzled most readers who encountered it.


There were no recurring characters or streamlined art.  There was no real merchandizing concept like with Garfield or most of the other brand name strips.  It jumped around from topic to topic and offered nothing more than a surreal glimpse into the mind of Gary Larson’s humor.  It was almost a stream of consciousness type of strip in that it seemed to flow from his creative mind uninhibited by context or standard plot lines.


Some were hilariously funny, while others bordered on the strange and bizarre.  Even looking through this ultimate set, there are still some that pass over my head and I wonder at the concept he is trying to portray.  Larson took a lot of chances with his strip, he tried things that I don’t think any other comic artist would have even attempted.  His comic was so direct in it’s one panel format that there was no room for alliterations or subtlety it was all spelled out in a single glance.


Many of this comics were designed more to let the reader fill in the punch line.  Larson would lead you in the direction he wanted and then let you take over forming the other panels in you mind and taking the comic’s ultimate punch line in any direction you wanted to go.  It is a unique comic and despite many people attempting to copy his style over the years, no one has really accomplished what Larson made look so easy.

This volume is a must have for any serious collector of comics and now with the paperback version, it is finally affordable to everyone.  You may love it enough to buy the more expensive deluxe versions of the book, but this collection is perfect for the Official Root Beer Party comic library and fills in a much needed gap replacing The incomplete Far Side Galleries collections that were there before.

I highly recommend this collection to anyone who wants to see one of the great comics of our time in a complete set.  So until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

Comic Collection Review: The Awkward Yeti, Heart and Mind by Nick Seluk


I found this collection a few days ago on Amazon after I had been following the comic online for the past few years.  This collection takes a humorous web comic and makes it a thousand times better.  By seeing the strip in a single volume you begin to experience the comic for its true meaning and humor.

It is quite simply a philosophical battle between the heart and mind of a Yeti lost in the world and having to choose between the logic of reasoning and the passion of following his heart.  The interplay between the two is a familiar struggle that we all face on a daily basis as we travel along in life.


I read the comic once in a while on Twitter and Facebook and it was always funny, but I quickly glanced over it and moved on, this collection allows you to stop and appreciate the strip in a single volume.

It really is an amazing comic.  I highly recommend this volume as it will make you fall in love with the awkward Yeti as he tries to settle the age old debate between heart and mind.  One can’t exist without the other, but unlike the Yin and Yang they are not necessarily in opposition.  They are two parts of the same thing and they both lend meaning to the other.  It is a brilliant premise and a hilarious comic.


This is one you will be happy to add to your personal library, as it will be used often and shared with friends and family.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.