Comic Collection Review: Cookies for my Inner Demons by Frank Page


Cookies for my Inner Demons is the collection of Bob the Squirrel comics from 2009.  This is actually the first Bob the squirrel book that I read and the first time I was introduced to Frank Page’s comic genius.  You can read his strip here:

Bob the squirrel is a slice of life comic which loosely follows the real life of Frank Page.  He pulls the little adventures of life out and turns them into comics starring his alter ego, Bob, the main character of the strip.

Frank page is kind of the ideal for web comic artists.  He has been plugging away working on his strip for well over a decade, he has over a dozen collections of his work available, and he has truly made the medium his own.

This collection follows Frank’s life as he assimilates to moving in with his girlfriend as well as her daughter and their pets, this makes for a great storyline between the adjustments made in his personal life as well as how Bob reacts to living with an assortment of other animals.


Bob the Squirrel is part gag a day comic and part autobiography, it deals with subjects that other comics don’t.  You could compare it to “For Better or For Worse”, or “Funky Winkerbean” but you would be doing it a disservice.  Bob the Squirrel a much more than those strips and really shows the possibilities of web comics that aren’t constrained by the normal restrictions placed on newspaper comics.  In this strip, Frank can do and does do anything he wants and with the daily addition of “Squirrelosophy” we can see Bob in a new context removed from his daily strip, Frank literally has redefined the comic medium with his character and I can’t wait to see what he will be doing next.


You can get Frank’s books from Lulu press, not just Bob the Squirrel, but also some of his graphic novels which we will be reviewing at a later date here:

This is one of the premier web comic creators and one of the best comics on the web.  Frank Page is doing to web comics what Will Eisner did for comic books, he is challenging the medium and reinventing it as he goes along.  Check out his work and join the legions of fans who already know about the hardest working man in comics.   Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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