1st annual Root Beer Party Awards Part 3


And the winner is……

That’s the last time we let Steve Harvey guest host our award show.  But seriously, the award goes to Jon Esparza of Bubblefox http://bubblefox.thecomicseries.com/ He has kept us all in suspense these long months as Bubble has fought off the weasels to protect the mysterious egg. 

It is a gripping dramatic element that led Galactic Dragons creator  Dana Atnip http://galacticdragons.com/ to create the hashtag #SaveTheEgg and get it trending on twitter. 

Jon Esparza is also one of the cofounders of the Root Beer Party and fought bravely in the Root Beer Wars with great distinction and honor.  We sacrificed much so that the future could be a better place with comics and root beer for all.  Right Steve?

“It is fitting that #SaveTheEgg won today on Easter and yes it is a coincidence, sort of, maybe what are we talking about???  Oh yeah, Peppertown.  http://peppertown.thecomicseries.com/  It’s a great strip by Jon Esparza about a guy named Joe and his new alien friend Wendy.  It is a very dramatic and serious webcomic taking on all the great philosophical debates of the last half of the twentieth century and bringing them in line with the current socio-economic realities of today.”

That’s it Steve Harvey, that was your last chance!  You are off the show!  Congratulations Jon, on doing 2 great comics.  Keep up the great work.  We salute you and drink this toast (With Barqs of course) in your honor and don’t forget: #SaveTheEgg !!!!

Until tomorrow True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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