Comic Collection review: Lunerbaboon Vol. 1 by Chris Grady


This collection is the reason that web comics exist.  Lunarbaboon is one of the best web comics out there.  Chris Grady started a sketchbook when he became a dad for the first time and after printing a few strips online, Lunarbaboon was born.  I don’t even think he ever set out to do a comic strip, much less one as successful as Lunarbaboon has become, but we are all glad that he did.

This volume was an exclusive that Chris did through Kickstarter, you supported the publishing cost and you got a copy of the book along with a bunch of other cool gifts and prizes.  The kickstarter was a huge success and drew in something like $50,000,000,000 dollars or something like that, but in Canadian money, so it was something like  $44,000 in US money, but still an impressive amount for a webcomic.

Lunarbaboon is the perfect balance of sentiment, humor and pop culture reference.  It is not as pandering as Family Circus became or quite as preachy as Mutts or Baby Blues, but it is a family friendly strip along the lines of Peanuts.  Lunarbaboon is a comic about a 30 something dad who is trying to figure out life for himself while at the same time raising 2 kids.  He is the dad we all want to be, the ideal modern role model in a world without many real role models to look up to.

You can check out his webpage here: his book is available to buy, but in true indie fashion, it is not on Amazon, you can find it on his website here:

This is one of the best comics out there, so do yourself  favor and check it out and order the book.  The kickstarter for Vol. 2 already happened and I am hoping to receive it soon.  It was an even more successful kickstarter than the first volume.  Get in on the ground floor and pick up your copy today.  You will not regret it.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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