Comic collection review: There Are People Living Inside My Head by Darrel Troxel


“There are People Living Inside my Head” is the first collection of Darrel Troxel’s comic “That Comic Thing.”

It is a small self published book that Darrel put out to maximize the profits from his vast media empire (I think he owns Batman or something)  but this book is the first effort by Darrel to bring to print the popular webcomic.  This collection contains side notes on every page telling you a little about the creative process involved in making the strip and what motivates a seemingly normal person to get up and start making comics.  (We are talking about a serious mental disorder here)  But seriously, Darrel has a great off the wall, out of the box, out of left field, square peg in a round hole, in through the out door sense of humor that will appeal to any fan of Gary Larson or Bill Griffith. You can check out his page here:

Darrel’s comic thing is just that, he does his own thing and just brings it.  He does not tie himself down with a stereotypical format or characters, he just records them like he see them, or as the people in his head tell him.  So check out a great comic collection from one of the soon to be legendary innovators in the field and as always True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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