Comic collection review: Zombie Boy: Some Kind of Horrible by Mark Stokes


Is there a godfather of web comics?  Yes, and his name is Mark Stokes.  He is the man who invented the genre.  He was doing Zombie Boy back before Al Gore even invented the internet.  Back in 2015 he finally put together a Kickstarter and did what so many people have been telling him to do for a million years and put out a book.  Well, he finally did it and we got one of the best web comic collections to ever be published: Some kind of Horrible.

Mark started out as a traditional independent cartoonist back when comics were still the way to go in 1986 and released several incarnations of Zombie Boy over the years.  he started out here


in a more traditional comic book, but soon Mark reimagined his character and Zombie Boy Comics was born.


Zombie Boy became more of a light hearted comic set to a gothic horror background.  Some kind of horrible collects the first 225 Zombie boy comics.  You can get this volume on Amazon Here:

Mark sent me a copy of the original comic along with my Kickstarter copy of the book and it is now a treasured piece in the Root Beer Party comic archives.  He has also been a generous mentor to countless web comic artists on twitter or Facebook, giving great advice and encouragement to budding artists and comic creators.

I can’t say enough good things about Zombie Boy Comics to do it justice.  Mark is also the creator of the character of Gorr in the strip, my all time favorite.  You can check out his comic on his site and you too will also be put under the spell of Zombie Boy:

There are trailblazers who mark the path that the rest of us follow and Mark Stokes is one of those trailblazers who helped make web comics possible.  If you want to see one of the best in the business doing what he does best, than pick up a copy of this book and you will not regret it.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

One thought on “Comic collection review: Zombie Boy: Some Kind of Horrible by Mark Stokes

  1. Thanks so very much for this very nice review of my first collected volume of Zombie Boy comic strips! And all the wonderful things you said about me personally humbles me to no end. So many people believed in this collection, and without all their support it never would have been possible. It’s one of the things I’m most proud to have accomplished in my entire career, honestly. I’m hoping that there might be a Zombie Boy Comics Vol. 2 because I’d love to share more of my strips in print (plus, Gorr appears more in the later strips). We’ll see… Thanks again for all your kindness and support, it truly means a heck of a lot!


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