The Root Beer Party 2nd Toon Off Challange


While innocently observing that the new Coke machines allow you to blend flavors, I mentioned that you could add additional flavors to Barq’s root beer.  This of course was taken as an insult and litigation was immediately brought to the Official Root Beer Party Court.

The resulting decision was that Mr. Blob was to be inflated:


This was to be done by Kim Belding the creator of Picpak comics.

Not satisfied by the judgement, I appealed, and so the toon off challenge was made.  The 3 principal parties involved would each submit a comic with the topic of inflation and only include the characters of the offending parties.  On Tuesday I dropped my comic to get an early lead in the dispute.


That is Wendy of Peppertown as the blimp “Zoso,” an obvious tribute to Led Zeppelin.  In his original incarnation in Picpak comics at the age of 10 not 6, Kim had Mr. Blob fly in one of the comics.  Here he does a flyby of his favorite pink pooch which has inflated Jon Esparza’s famous alien character Wendy.

Then on Friday Kim dropped his comic:


A 2 for 1 inflation.  He dropped a comic which inflated both Mr. Blob and Wendy (AKA Little Miss Inflate) and took the lead in the toon off.  He also spawned the idea for us cornering the market on self inflating action figures, but that is a story for another time.

Finally Jon Answered with his comic released on Saturday:

A whole 2 page comic!!!!!  How can we compete against that?  Not only that but he also threw in a Birthday tribute to none other than Kim Belding.  As the master of the inflation gag it was foolish to try to take on the master.  Our three judges have not yet responded with their verdict, but I think it is clear to see who the winner is.  It was a well fought toon off but I feel like the master of inflation and bloomers won the day.  Winner:  Jon Esparza of Bubblefox and Peppertown comics.

So the lesson learned here is that comic toon offs are an awesome way to settle all debates and all political candidates should begin drawing immediately.  This is the fun you can have when you are a member of the Root Beer Party.   As always True Believers, May your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

A special treat for Root Beer Party True Believers:  Mr. Blob will be starring in the next installment of Indiana Jones:


Mr. Blob & the Temple of Flintstone.


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