(#SaveTheEgg) Bubblefox by Jon Esparza

Things are getting CRAZY for Bubblefox.  He has been protecting that egg for months now, but the League of Weasels are determined to get the egg for themselves!  This is the comic series that has Twitter buzzing as artists from all over have chimed in with their support.  #SaveTheEgg is trending globally as the world awaits the fate of Bubblefox and the mysterious egg.


The first to arrive on the scene was none other than Frankie from the Dust Bunny Mafia.  Bret Juliano sent him over cause he’s got a job to do and nobody is gonna weasel out of this one.  check out his comic here: http://dustbunnymafia.com/live/


Diving right into the thick of it is none other than Evan the Yeti.  Always ready to fight against injustice, http://www.evanyeti.com/ Mat Washburn sent in the big guns to help Bubblefox #SaveTheEgg


Who is looking after the egg while all this is going on?  Our faithful watchdog Gorr from Zombie Boy is on the job.  http://www.zombieboycomics.com/ No weasel will get anywhere near the egg while Gorr (AKA The Snow Bandit, The Leaf Bandit) is on the job.  Mark Stokes has sent in his bravest warrior to help #SaveTheEgg

But we will need a leader to help Bubblefox defend his egg and fight for all that is right against the merciless horde of weasels that are massing at his borders.  Who will inspire the troops and help lead the charge?


Mr. Braveheart Blob is here to help!  It is also Jon’s Birthday this month, so check out his strip over at http://bubblefox.thecomicseries.com/comics/ and follow his growing army of comic warriors as it comes to his defense on twitter just hashtag #SaveTheEgg to offer your support.  War is hell, but the Root Beer Party will always be there to help fight the good fight against even an army of weasels.

So until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.  We will keep you up to date on the rise of the toon army on twitter.  GO TEAM BUBBLEFOX!!!!!!


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