Comic Collection Review: Camp Foxtrot by Bill Amend


This is one of the my favorite comic strips, and this is my favorite collection of Foxtrot, I first read Foxtrot when I got a copy of the first collection, Foxtrot by Bill Amend in a used book store in Arizona that I worked at.  I was instantly hooked, this was a great comic about people and the relationships between friends and family.

It has since turned into a gag-a-day comic that is only published on Sundays, but back in the 90’s Foxtrot was one of, if not the best comic strip in the paper.  His first book has an introduction by Bill Watterson for crying out loud, that’s how good it was.

Camp Foxtrot is actually a Treasury of 2 Foxtrot collections “Come Closer Roger, There’s a Mosquito on Your Nose and Welcome to Jasorassic Park.  Many of his early works have been combined into treasury volumes so you can pick them up pretty cheap.  You can get this one on Amazon here for one penny used:

The reason I really like this volume is because it contains his longest continuity storyline of Jason going away to summer camp.  Jason is the main character of the strip, although it didn’t start out that way.  He sort of grabbed the spotlight as the role of the stereotypical nerd became more fashionable and pop culture, superheroes and science fiction became more mainstream.

You will get the full foxtrot experience with this collection, It shows all of the characters at their best during the height of the strips creative impact.  Bill Amend is not as popular as Bill Watterson in the comic circles, but he is every bit as good, his characters are more human and the humor in this volume is at it’s peak.  If you want a great introduction to Foxtrot, this is the volume to get.  It is Bill Amend at his best.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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