Comic Collection Review: The Adventurous Decade by Ron Goulart


This goes to show you the level of depth that the Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives goes.  We have books about books.  You can find a new reprint of this book on Amazon Here:

This book is a great summation of the history of comic book adventure strips in their heyday, the decade of the 1930’s.  The lost generation had returned home and the world was still far away from the horrors of World War 2, so people were once again taken up by the promise of adventure in their daily comics page.

During this time, we see the rise of Tarzan, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Captain Easy, Dick Tracy, Fu Manchu & Charlie Chan, Terry & the Pirates, and a whole host of aviation strips, detective strips, secret agents and even superheroes.   This was a time when comics could be anything and often were, it was a great period of experimentation as newspapers fell over each other to compete with their stable of comic artists in search of the next big thing.

Television was not a common thing so only radio competed with the comics for a daily dose of action and adventure.  Goulart has done several books on comics as well as pulp magazines and even biographies as well as being an award winning author of science fiction as well.

This book is a great introduction to the classic adventure comics, I would highly recommend it for anyone serious about reading comics and enjoying the tales of days gone by.  While many of these comics went on to become icons of popular culture, there are many here which you will be introduced to for the first time, and there is nothing better than finding a long lost gem of a series that may have only run for a few years.

The book will also introduce you to the comic writers and artists who revolutionized the industry.  Milton Caniff, Alex Raymond, Roy Crane, Dashiell Hammett, Al Capp, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Chester Gould as well as many more.

The book is concise and very well written, it is not the sort of dry, intellectual dull academic study of comics, this was written by a man who actually read the comics and was an avid fan.  His love of the adventure strip really shows is his careful crafting of this book.

We cover a lot of gag-a-day comic here at the Root Beer Party, but there is a lot more out there besides superheroes and funny animals, there is a whole world of comic adventure waiting for you, so kick back with your favorite root beer and check out this book and let Ron Goulart introduce you to a side of comics you may not be familiar with.

Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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