Comic Collection Review: Drabblations by Kevin Fagan


Drabblations is a collection of the drabble comic strip from 19998-1999.  It is far from the first drabble collection, but as the market for newspaper comic strips shrinks, so does the likelihood of new collections being published.

drabble is the quintessential family strip with a twist.  The main character ralph began the strip as a professional wrestler back in 1979 before becoming a mall cop, a security agent for a retirement community and finally a TSA screener, where we find him today.

In this collection he is still the in the security for a retirement community stage.  It is interesting how the character in drabble has changed over the years.  while most comic characters fall back on the formulaic tripe which they punch out year after year until the comic becomes a parody of itself, drabble has changed it’s focus a few times over the years and kept itself fresh.

Maybe this is why drabble has always been considered one of the smaller comic strips or a mid-card performer as he would be called in wrestling circles.  drabble is one of the comics which only appears in newspapers with a larger, more inclusive comic section, which is really difficult to find these days.  You will have to search around to find Drabble in a newspaper these days.

You can find him over on G0-comics where he is published daily, so you can read him as a web comic and collect the books as a way of helping Kevin keep the lights on.

drabble is a great comic and well worth the effort to find.  It is old school enough to appeal to the classic comic lover as well as current enough to engage the new comic fans haunting the web.  If given a chance, I think drabble is one of the few newspaper comics poised to make the leap from newspapers to the web and still finding success.  It hasn’t gotten the moth ball smell that most of the old zombie comics have now, where they ceased being relevant decades ago and hang around in newspapers like aging rock stars hang around classic rock stations, for those who are afraid of anything outside their comfort zone.

The decline of the newspaper comic is a topic for another time, but drabble will hopefully be around for a long time.  So check out this collection for yourself, or one of the many others.  Drabble has a 20 year history you need to catch up on so don’t be afraid to check out the archives.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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