Comic Collection Review: Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman



This is the first collection of Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman, Red’s Planet started out as a web comic, which is where I first took notice of it.  The amazing artwork and imagination of the work really stood out and a few years later, Eddie had signed a publishing deal and now we have Red’s Planet as a hardbound graphic novel.

this is really the dream of any web comic artist out there, they put their work out there and it gets noticed and then along comes a publisher and the next thing you know, you are hitting the big time.  I am sure there was a lot more to it than that, but you will have to talk to Eddie to get the details.

Needless to say, Eddie has hit the big time and Red’s Planet will be the first of many great graphic novels from him.  You can get it on Amazon here:

Red’s Planet revolves around the main character, an orphan who hates being called Red who runs away from her foster parents home, only to be picked up by the police (again!) and that is where the fun starts.  The police come across an alien spaceship which steals their car with Red inside.


She is shuttled away to an intergalactic flea market where the car is to be sold, but the collector’s ship comes under attack.  It crashes on a distant remote planet and Red makes the most of a bad situation and begins to make the planet her home.

There are literally dozens of imaginative characters in this story which Red must deal with, as well as the weird encounters on the planet itself.  from the flower plants that walk and talk to a grizzled old caretaker who looks after the planet as a nature reserve.  There are a million ways in which Eddie can take this story, he sets up a great premise in this first volume.  There are several storylines put into motion here.  This is a series that will indeed be epic in scale.


I highly recommend this volume for anyone looking for something different in the graphic novel market.  Red’s Planet could be the next Bone in popularity, so grab your copy now and begin enjoying the adventure before all the people grab them up like Harry Potter. I rated red’s Planet one of the best web comics out there several years ago and now it is one of the best graphic novels on the market, so check it out.

And as always True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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