Comic Collection Review: Von Herling, Vampire Hunter by Max West


Von Herling, Vampire Hunter is a change from Max west’s usual work in Sunnyville Stories.  In this collection Max uses his stylistic artwork to bring us a gothic tale of horror in the vein of Dracula.  You can find it on Amazon Here:

Max changes up his usual style with more of a classic noir style of art, bring the shades and stark black and white panels to mirror the classic black and white style of the Universal Monster Films.  The story begins with a group of kids taking about the urban legend of the towns local haunted house, then a stranger shows up.  He is none other than Von Herling.

The plot follows the classic vampire story but you can also see the influence of manga storylines here as well.  Max is sort of tipping his hat to the entire gothic vampire genre, there are no shimmering vampire teen heartthrobs here, thank God.  the story stays true to it’s gothic roots and focuses again on the characters rather than on revamping the vampire mythos.

You may think from the similar character design that Von Herling is in the same universe as Sunnyville Stories, but according to the interviews with max on this site, they are separate, although there is a sequel to Von Herling in the works.

It would be interesting to see a crossover, as Sunnyville would be the last place a vampire would want to visit, and he could also pay homage to Sunnydale from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer mythos, but I’m not sure pop culture would be a good mix with the classic gothic style of this story.

If you like the old gothic vampire stories by Sheridan Le Fanu, F.G. Loring, Algernon Blackwood or even Bram Stoker, then you will find this a welcome addition to your collection.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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