Comic Collection Review: Alley Oop by V.T. Hamlin The Complete Sundays Vol. 1 (1934-1936)


This is the first of the collections of Alley Oop Sunday strips put out by Dark Horse Comics.  This is a great oversized book published in the same size format as the original strips from the Sunday newspapers of 1934.  It can be a little hard to read since it is so large, but it is well worth the awkwardness to see the comics in all their original glory.

You can find this collection and sequel on Amazon Here:

This volume takes place in the prehistoric land of Moo where Alley Oop and his business partner Fozzy run a shop selling everything the modern caveman needs.   They run in stocks of axes as well as lizard skins and dinosaur meat.  The character of Fozzy always speaks in rhymes, which make for an interesting play on words at times.  They are also accompanied by Dinny the Dinosaur which is a friendly Dinosaur which Alley Oop has adopted as a pet which helps them hunt and travel.

There is also a special feature to the strip called Dinny’s Family Album which features a new dinosaur every week, telling you about the latest finds as well as everything they knew about the dinosaur back in the 30’s.  Some of the information is a bit dated obviously and a few of the dinosaurs mentioned may never have actually existed, but this was cutting edge science at the time it was written and the dinosaurs are drawn in the same style as the rest of the strip.

The art and the color of the strip is reproduced beautifully and we can really see the details of V.T. Hamlin’s style.  It is indeed a rare treat to see comic art so loving presented in it’s original format.  Most comic collections shrink everything down and there were even the awful collections from the 1970’s which relied on Xeroxed copies which were nearly impossible to read.

The collection does cost almost $50.00 and runs $75.00 retail, but if you are a fan of Alley Oop and V.T. Hamlin, than it is well worth the investment.  I highly recommend this collection as it is the best collection of Alley Oop so far as quality goes.  There is a years worth of daily’s  from the Library of American Comics series which is nice as well, but those are the black and white comics and only cover the year 1939.  It is the only other really good collection out there.

There is also a Volume 2 to this collection which covers the years 1937-1939 and hopefully Dark Horse will continue publishing the rest.  So until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.  Until we meet again here is a classic video of Alley Oop by the Hollywood Argyles:


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