Comic Collection Review: There’s Corpses Everywhere by Mark Tatulli


There’s Corpses Everywhere is a collection of the comic strip Lio by Mark Tatulli from 2010.  Lio is one of the few major comic strips still publishing book collections from the newspapers.  It came about in the last great boom of newspaper comics around 2000, when the end of Peanuts signified the end of the newspaper comic era.

Tatulli is a comic strip artist and writer with a great love of comic strips in general.  There are many references to other comic strips in his gags.  Even the cover of the book is a play on the cover from the Calvin and Hobbes collection “There’s Treasure Everywhere.”

I like to characterize Lio as sort of Dennis the Menace meets the Addams Family.  Lio has a very dark sort of innocence to him and he is a great defender of animals as well as the underdogs who are tormented by bullies.  Tatulli really enjoys playing with the concept of the forth wall and letting you know that this is a comic strip in his sort of combined universe theme of newspaper comic characters which appear in the strip.  Everyone from Calvin, to Alley Oop to Mark Trail make appearances in the strip.

There is a sort of profane justice which permeates the strip in much the same way as the old EC comics such as Tales from the Crypt always had a moral note to them.  Lio is always defending the innocent from the unjust slings and arrows of life.  He is sometimes weird and sometimes silly, but he is always funny.

You can find Lio collections available just about anywhere and even pick them up cheap from used book dealers on Amazon Here:

Lio is one of the few strips which makes me think there may still be hope for the old newspaper comic format.  Just as the book is coming back after the e-reader drove the market for awhile, I am hoping that comic collections in book formats will also return and we can continue to enjoy comics in their original format.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.



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