The Making of a Comic Part 4: Origin


Where does it all come from?  Mr. Blob sort of had an origin in his short run of Picpak comics, but at 10 years old Kim Belding really didn’t add much back story to the character during his brief appearance.  So I set out to fill in the blanks using Picpaks comics as a sort of starting point and adding my own details from there.


Here we have the famous introduction meeting between Picpak & Mr. Blob.  This is the original Batman V. Superman moment that the fans have been waiting years to see play out and unlike Zach Snyder, it delivers.


Except for the first panel, this was taken directly from Kim Belding’s original drawings.  If the gag seems a little rough, you must remember that he was 10 at the time it was written.  It is still more comprehensible than Batman v. Superman though.


I took over again on this strip as Mr. Blob meets the rest of the gang at Picpak comics.  Why are all these people standing on a wall you might ask, well, I messed up the perspective that’s why, it was supposed to open up on the street, but it didn’t work out.  Epic fail.  This is where I stopped posting this series, I was a little disappointed that after 2 weeks I didn’t get a single view on the site, so I abandoned posting them at this point, but the story does go on and you are about to see the rare unpublished Mr. Blob strips right here.


This is where Mr. Blob meets Emoji.  This is actually the series that I am using as the basis for the new Mr. Blob Mysteries series, so you will see some of the same characters there, but I have added some new stuff as well as taken him out of Picpak’s world completely.  I also redesigned some of the characters.  so It will be an all new comic.


This is the coffee course which will be the base of operations for the Mr. Blob’s Mysteries gang, with a new redesign of course.  It’s got everything you could want out of life, at a huge mark up that is.


Never challenge Mr. Blob to a sing off.  You will lose.


Mr. Blob breaks out his gags from the famous Mr. Blob the Musical


And this was the last in the series that I finished but I had stopped posting them back on Page 4 so you get to see the exclusive “lost” 5 pages of this brief start tot he Mr. Blob series.  there were some really good ideas in it, but I wasn’t yet ready to put it all together and make a strip out of it.  Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy comics had given me advice on building up a backlog of comics before you begin, so you don’t fizzle out when you find how hard it is to keep up with a twice daily publication deadline.  I started with a month’s worth of strips, but stopped halfway through when I realized that no one was looking at them.

It caused me to question if this was really the right thing for me to do, so I began trying something different with Mr. Blob, but that is for the next story.



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