The Making of a Comic Part 5: False Starts


I was still looking for an identity for Mr. Blob when I was doing this one.  I figured that maybe I would take him in a different direction than I had done before.  I was happy with the last series of cartoons, but I hadn’t really thought about scripting a comic at that point and it fell kind of flat towards the end.  So this time I decided to work from a writer’s point of view first and then work out the comic, but to differentiate it from all the others, this would be a more serious take in the form of a graphic novel style storyline.


I wanted to introduce more of a philosophical idea into the comic, this is something I have been wanting to do since the Why Ask Why comic I first did, so I began working on sort a dystopian concept of a conflict between the heart and mind, or science and religion.


I am still trying to work out how to make movement feel natural in a comic, again, I still have a painter’s eye for composition.


I repurposed some of the characters from the previous strip and the idea of making Mr. Blob as a recurring character in all kinds of strips came to mind.  He would be a sort of actor playing different parts in different comics.


Here we have the technocrat verses the primitive.  A classic confrontation of simplicity verses complexity.


An idea for a character was taken directly from the drawing mannequin on my shelf.  What a cool idea this would be though.


a repressive government’s ideal is a world made up of non-human soldiers that do their bidding unquestionably.  I attempted a sort of noir style with this scene, but it still feels a little stilted.  The figure should have more action in it’s movement.


Mr. Blob is a badass!  Who knew?  He can really hold his own in a fight.  I felt really good about the poses on this page.

DSC04808The technocrats ultimate weapon, propaganda.  I like to think of Mr. Blob as the new face of terror.


A poorly executed painting is what I would call this, the scale is completely out of proportion and you can’t even make out the oil rig or the boat with any definition.  Not a good drawing.  This is where I kind of lost interest in the series.  It has a good premise, but it didn’t feel right for Mr. Blob.  He is a humorous character and didn’t really fit with the style or atmosphere of this comic.  There are many roads you follow in the quest to make a comic and this was yet another false start.


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