Big News: Zombie Boy Comics


One of our own members here at the Root Beer Party has been nominated for a Harvey Award.  That’s right none other than Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy Comics.

Now we have known for years what everyone else is just finding out, Zombie Boy is one great comic.  Mark began doing this comic back in the 1980’s before there even was a world wide web for web comics to be on, and has been tirelessly forging ahead with one of the best comics out there.  I would put his work among any of the classic syndicated cartoonists and he would surpass most of them with his improving quality and consistency.


He has garnered tributes from all of us here at the Root Beer Party for years, this one from our Co-President Kim Belding of Picpak Dog Comics.  Mark has been a constant source of inspiration both directly and indirectly to just about every comic artist on the web today.  He takes time out to encourage people just starting out and offer any advice, he was more than generous with me when I was starting out, and it speaks to the quality of his work that we all turn to him for advice.


A tribute from our other Co-President Jon Esparza from a few years ago.  But like any group, our admiration was not one sided.  To show the generosity of spirit from the man himself we need only look to his involvement with other members of the Root Beer Party.


This is Mark’s contribution to one of Jon Esparza’s CRAZY cartoon experiments.


This was a clever gag done for a webcomic chat podcast with Daniel Barton of Goober & Cindy fame.


And here we have a classic gag from Tim Green from his world famous Vinnie the Vampire comic.


These are just a few of the memories and interactions we have had with Mark over the years and sometimes it takes an achievement like this to make us look back and realize how lucky we are.  We are all supporting you here Mark and we hope you finally get some of the recognition you deserve.

Our admiration of Mark Stokes and Zombie Boy Comics was here long before the Harvey Award people recognized him and here at the Root Beer Party he will always have a home away from home.  Best of Luck Mark, we will all be voting for you.  Check out Zombie Boy Comics for yourself here:

You can vote on the Harvey Awards ballet here:

We will reserve a bottle of Jon Esparza’s special home-made root beer just for you Mark, and as always, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

2 thoughts on “Big News: Zombie Boy Comics

  1. Chris, thanks so much for this very nice write-up! Getting this nomination is a thrill I only dreamed would ever happen. I practically fell out of my chair when I heard. I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many fine creators here at Root Beer Party, and it means a lot to have you guys around for fellowship and support. That’s actually the best experience of all!


    1. Glad to have you here Mark, We’re all pulling for you to win, you were the web comic king before there even was a web to put it on.


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