The Making of a Comic Part 6: In the Beginning…


For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Blob was actually the creation of a 10 year old  Canadian boy named Kim Belding.  From an early age he knew he wanted to be a comic artist, he would read Garfield and US Acres (AKA Orson’s Farm in Canada) and long to make those comics his own.

After exhaustive research through the Picpak Dog Comic Archives we have unearthed the original Mr. Blob comic strips.  How is it possible that these still exist you ask?  Well, even back then Kim must have known on some subconscious level that he was really on to something with Mr. Blob.  So let’s meet this icon of modern comics as he first appeared decades ago:

9mEh4E8 This is the original moment when history was made, when Picpak First met Mr. Blob.  This iconic scene was recreated many years later during one of the many incarnations of Mr. Blob that you have all grown to love.

DSC04460This is the modern recreation of that historic event.  Kim wasn’t satisfied with Mr. Blob and began experimenting with ideas but nothing really seemed to land.  He didn’t understand the whimsical insanity that we all know and love about Mr. Blob, but even back then you could see Mr. Blob influencing little Kim’s pen and helping him to shape the future that we know today.

xdHq0qLEven then Mr. Blob showed off his amazing talent for music.  He would later refine that style and become known throughout the world for his musical gift.

DSC04817Just a few of his many incarnations from Mr. Blob the Musical, a Tony Award winning musical and the shortest running play in Broadway history.  But as we can see, from these small sparks of genius comes the amazing advancements to the history of comics as we know it today.


Here is where we learn that Mr. Blob likes to eat records, although in this comic Little Kim thinks they are made of Polyester but he address’ that in the next comic.


Although Kim has not mentioned that Mr. Blob is an alien, his exotic ways are clear for all to see.  His powers continue to manifest themselves in the following strips.






Now how, do you ask, did Kim not know that he was on to something amazing here?  It really is a mystery.  I suppose it has something to do with the winters in Canada or something like that.  Maybe he was distracted by a hockey game or someone apologized and gave him a doughnut, we may never know the answer, but fortunately he saved the strips and after casually sharing them on his Peatron page, Mr. Blob was once again given a chance to live.

Kim continued to work with the character a bit more, but never seemed to fully grasp the infinite possibilities that Mr. Blob offered him.






There were a lot of hungry jokes in this weeks strips and Jon Esparza might not be too happy to see Mr. Blob eating one of his favorite characters The Ant, but there are bound to be casualties in the creation of a comic icon.  We can really date the comic here with it’s reference to Ferby toys in the next strip.




Kim even back then was known for his puns and wordplay gags.  but little did he know how much this last strip would play into his future.  It was probably for the best that he stopped here.  If he had continued he might have broken through the space-time continuum and changed the course of the universe forever.  The signs were clear, even then of what the future held in store for Mr. Blob:


Mr. Blob tried his first taste of Helium.  It would not be his last.  Was this comic a secret message like the Da Vinci Code?  Did time traveling Root Beer Party members tell a young Kim Belding to draw this strip to insure that he would be prepared for the future as a Co-Founder of the Root Beer Party?  Did Skynet send Terminators back in time to try to stop Kim from making this comic and try to defeat the resistance before it even began?  Did the Mr. Blob comic become self aware and ensure it’s survival through foreshadowing a gag it glimpsed through some temporary dimensional portal?

We may never know the answers, but the stars did align and Mr. Blob was preserved for the moment in time when we would all need him the most.  And now True Believers, you know the truth about the creation of Mr. Blob.  There are still many questions to be answered, but that is the way with knowledge, the more we think we know about…  the greater the unknown.

Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.



One thought on “The Making of a Comic Part 6: In the Beginning…

  1. Wow! This is so much fun! Mr. Blob sure has an interesting history. Thanks for sharing your wonderful sketches with us, Kim, and thanks for presenting it all to us so well, Chris! I love these kinds of articles, showing how great ideas and characters come to be!

    Liked by 1 person

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