The 3rd Root Beer Party Toon off

“It is a Comic
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”

True Believers, it has happened again.  We have once again engaged in a world famous Root Beer Party toon off.

This toon off was once again a face off between me and Kim Belding of Picpak Dog Comics.  The comic category selections were made by John Esparza of Bubblefox and I demanded an impartial judge to be named, and we choose James Boyd of Sunny Side Up Comics.

You can check out their comics here:

Sunny Side Up:

Picpak Dog:



Our first challenge was the old comic gag; slipping on a banana peel


This was my entry into the first challenge


This was Kim’s response.

Winner:  Me

All is going well so far True Believers, but now we come to when the conspiracy begins.

Round 2:  Handling live dynamite:


Kim struck first with this entry, notice there is no dynamite or handling of dynamite in the comic, only an explosion which is attributed to chili.


My entry a clever play on words as live dynamite becomes a Broadway play of Napoleon Dynamite and Mr. Blob can’t handle the excitement.

Winner:  Kim by Disqualification.

Our judge James claims that I am trying to influence him by having Sunny in the comic???  How is that influence???  Sunny doesn’t add anything to the gag, I also included Picpak, is that influencing Kim??  So Being egged on by Jon Esparza, James caved into peer pressure and awarded the round to Kim.

Round 3: A sharp object in the rear


Kim once again struck first, but he should have spent more time on the gag.  This only works if you are familiar with a comic Kim did several years ago, as a stand alone gag to a impartial judge, it really doesn’t make sense.


My gag works as a comic.  Even if you are unfamiliar with Picpak’s comic, it still works on it’s own.

Winner:  Tie for writing the same joke.  Clearly Jon is in James’s ear at this point.  My gag works on so many levels and fills in all the gaps to stand on it’s own.  Kim’s did not.

Round 4:  Large bolder


Kim once again struck first and with a good gag.  He doubled down with the living under a rock pun, so good entry.


Here I used Mr. Blob’s power of transforming into any shape to make him a bolder.  I like the gag, but Kim’s was a better strip.

Winner:  Kim Belding

Round 5: Inflation, inflate a secondary character

We can’t have a toon off without inflation.  Jon has some sort of helium addiction.  I think we might need to have an intervention.


A good entry from Kim, he certainly picked up his game after losing the first 3 rounds.


Now I did this to make a point.  Mr. Blob does not have a comic and therefore doesn’t have any secondary characters to inflate.  Jon picked this deliberately to fix the contest for Kim.  I choose Picpak and Wendy from Peppertown to inflate since they were both written by Kim and Jon who were obviously conspiring against me in this competition.

Winner: Kim Belding

So by their reasoning Kim tied or won 4 out of 5, but in reality he only won 2 out of 5 and had to have the Jon fix the final for him.  I called them on it and even found proof of their rigging the competition.  DSC04854

So the real winner of the 3rd toon off is Mr. Blob:


But due to the collusion of the Co-Presidents and James giving into peer pressure Kim Belding was declared the official winner.  But this is not over True Believers.  Mr. Blob will still fight the good fight you can count on that.


I’ll get you next time Belding!!!!!  Next Time!!!!!

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