It’s official! Zombie Boy has won best web comic of 2016!


Voted on by a jury of his peers, Mark Stokes has won the most prestigious of all webcomic awards.  The Root Beer Party award for Best Web Comic of 2016.  It has been quite a year for Zombie Boy.  First marking his 900th comic and then being nominated for the Harvey Award and now 2016 has finally given him the top prize!  Congratulations Mark!  Zombie Boy is the best.

What can we say about the man who practically invented web comics?

Zombie Boy began back in ancient times, back in the 1980’s.  Mark was a visionary who was 20 years ahead of his time.  Working on the independent comic scene Zombie Boy comics made his comic debut in 1987.


But it wasn’t until 2015 that we finally got the culmination of his work in printed form with Zombie Boy:  Some Kind of Horrible, the first volume of collected comics from Zombie Boy’s transition from comic book icon into the field of webcomics.


Mark’s influence goes well beyond the medium of artist.  There are very few comic creators who have been so supportive of their time and talent to helping others in the field.  As we are ever expanding the rank and file of the Root Beer Party, in interview after interview, when asked about an important influence, Mark’s name seems to always come up.  He encourages people and offers them the advice from years of being in the business and he knows all the pitfalls and traps that he has either helped people avoid or helped them through.

If there was a patron saint of the webcomic world, Mark would be canonized by the voodoo  priests who brought Morgan McCorkindale back to life on his fateful family vacation to Voodoo Island.

We look forward to another year of Zombie Boy comics and if Mark keeps it up, we may find history repeating itself again in 2017.  So we raise our mugs of root beer tonight in honor of Zombie Boy and Mark Stokes!  We hope the party of the undead never ends.  Congratulations on the award Mark, you deserve it.  (There was a large cash prize that went with the award, but we spent it all on root beer, sorry.)

You can read Zombie Boy here:

You can order your copy of Some Kind of Horrible here:

Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer Always foamy.


4 thoughts on “It’s official! Zombie Boy has won best web comic of 2016!

  1. Chris, thanks so much for this terrific honor! The Root Beer Party is such an amazing collective of talented people and friends and I’m proud to be accepted by all of you. I was fortunate to receive kindness and support from artists and writers I admired who came before me, so I try my best to pay if forward. I appreciate this great award, it means a lot! And thanks to Kim Belding for the wonderful art! (Btw- I’m actually drinking a root beer as I type this. A purely accidental occurrence, I swear! Must be fate!) Long Live Root Beer Party!


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