Comic Collection Review: Dust Bunny Mafia: Meet the Family by Bret Juliano


Welcome back True Believers, as we once again descend into the vast underground catacombs that house the immense collection of The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives.  Today we have the pleasure of checking out a collection from one of our very own members.  Bret Juliano and the Dust Bunny Mafia.

Meet the Family is the fist collection offered by Bret and can be gotten on Amazon Here:

The book opens with the discovery that Dino has been stealing from the DBM Inc.  There is no turning back from this point forward, you will be hooked on the fast paced exploits of the Dust Bunny Mafia from Page 1.  The Dust bunny mafia offer you every kind of service you could ask for.  From Racketeering to computer help, there is really no job too small for DBM Inc.

I first began to follow the Dust bunny Mafia on Bret’s webpage and even pushed him to release a book back in the early days.  Fortunately the DBM listened and released this volume and it is really great to see all the comics in their original continuity.  It is often difficult to run a continuity comic from the internet as people don’t often check in on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest ongoing story and that is why this book is such a great addition to the Dust Bunny Mafia legacy.


Here we see the whole gang, they hardly ever are all in the same place at the same time, alibis are critical in their line of work.

The Dust bunny Mafia exist along with two other mafia’s all fighting it out for the domination of crime.  We have the rats, the crows and the DBM Inc. crew.  The storyline called “Game of Bones” where the DBM invade the Rat’s lair is still one of my favorite comic storylines of all time.  It is also included in the volume.


The last days of Dino the Bookie.  The DBM Inc. will stop at nothing to extract information, this goes way beyond waterboarding.  This collection is a great introduction to one of the best and most original webcomics out there.  Check it out and pick up a copy, or stop by Bret’s webpage and join the family.  Now I must return to the vast labyrinth of underground catacombs which keep the Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives safe from any threat or danger and place this collection back along with it’s peers.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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