Comic Collection Review: Boston Metaphysical Society by Madeline Holly-Rosing


So now we once again tread the well-worn steps carved into the granite bedrock, down the ancient tunnels, the walls lined with primitive markings of prehistoric relevance.  This is an ancient, and sacred place.  It’s winding path depicts the wonders of the art through the history of mankind, and hidden away at the end of the tunnel is a labyrinth filled with the greatest works in history.  This the home of The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives.   

Entombed in this vast library are the greatest works ever known in sequential art.  Shelves of Papyrus and stone tablets mark the beginnings of our journey, but today True Believers, we go to the more modern section to the very epicenter of the collection.  This is the members only section of the library, where we house our most sacred of all treasures, the works of Root Beer Party members.  

These irreplaceable masterpieces are protected from light and air in a sealed vault embedded into the granite bedrock, preserved for all time against the ravages of war and weather.  And if you want your own copy you can get it here:


First we are introduced to the Boston Metaphysical Society of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla & Harry Houdini.  Each one of these genius’s seek their own path to uncovering the secrets between the world of the known and the unknown.  But they are not the only group working on this mystery, there is another,  Samuel Hunter, Caitlin O’Sullivan & Granville Woods.  They are a more practical team, sort of a steampunk ghostbusters looking to find “The Shifter” and destroy it.

The comic is very well plotted out with multiple story arcs and character development.  This is not your internet’s version of Tesla.  He is not the hallowed brilliant saint that revisionists have made him out to be.  Each one of the Boston Metaphysical Society has their own motives and ideas concerning The Shifter and what they hope to do with it.  Good and evil are not clear cut and motives are revealed which bring a level of excitement and wonder to fit in magnificently with the steampunk motif.

This comic creates worlds within worlds, where people are bound together by their own selfish means and ends.  There are no shining knights and cookie cutter characters to simplify the world into black and white, this comic is a commentary on many facets of life, from the elitism of the great houses, to the individual ends of the characters which sometime conflict with each other and even the main goal of containing The Shifter in a world of social unrest.


This trade paperback is the beginning of a series which is intriguing from start to finish.  It is a modern day masterpiece in suspense and a master class in character development.  It captures the flavor and wonder of the steampunk genre in a way few others have ever accomplished.  Steampunk is often a genre over exposed to amateur scribblings and cookie cutter efforts to cut and paste a subgenre onto yet another simple minded storyline, but Madeline shows her true talent and understanding of plot and character driven storylines to make a modern day masterpiece.

So Back upon the shelf and into the vault it goes once again to protect it for posterity.  The handwritten signature glistens on the gloss cover of the book as it disappears into the cavernous vault filled with the treasures of the Root Beer Party.  We turn and gaze upon the greatest works of human history which line the walls of the great cavern, an amazing scene, as history literally unfolds before us and all the secrets of the art are spilled forth from the shelves.  This library is the greatest endeavor in history, the repository of all that is good and great about the world.  This is The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives. 

So climb the steps once again True Believers, and ascend to the world above for a cool refreshing mug of the elixir of life, and as always, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.  


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