Comic Collection Review – Lame Brains #1 by Karen Schaeperkoetter & Anthony Hunter


We sit at one of the fine hand made redwood tables reclining back into the oil softened leather of the wingback chairs as we sit surrounded by the monuments of humanity’s greatest gift to the universe.  This is one of the many reading tables that transverse the greatest library ever conceived by man.  This is the Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives.

Hidden away far beneath the work a day world is a vast hand-hewed cavern etched out over the millennia by the dedicated work of a long line of Root Beer Monks who preserve this monument to the world’s greatest treasure.  Only a few people can gain entry to this shrine of artistic masterpieces.  These are the True Believers, the members of the Root Beer Party.

Today we have before us a work which examines the very essence of metaphysics.  The very core of the ultimate mystery of love, life, death and the concept of the human soul.  Today we look at Lame Brains issue #1.

This masterpiece of sequential art looks into the concepts of love existing beyond the grave as we meet Norman Conrad Schmitty just as he returns from the dead, not just as a zombie but also as a ghost.  Here we come to the ultimate duality of the metaphysical conundrum;  is the physical presence of a human the result of a spiritual awakening or is the spiritual self merely a manifestation of accumulated experiences in the physical world?  Are we soul?  Or are we body?  In Schmitty we now have a representation of both halves of the self.  The mindless zombie and the continued existence of the spirit. Each half with a distinctive personality.

Awakening in the world where the Zombie apocalypse has taken hold, Schmitty does in death just as he would do in life, he goes out in search of his girlfriend.  here we see the driving force of life, and in this case, the afterlife, as being a search for love.  Through the madness of his awakening as well as the world torn asunder by flesh eating monsters, Schmitty searches for and finds his true love Becky.

There is a reunion of sorts as Becky tries to kill the physical zombie manifestation of Schmitty, but the higher, spiritual self convinces her not to.  In a classic example of love overcoming fear we have a reunion of life and love in the form of Becky and death and soul in the form of Schmitty.

The comic is a humorous farce with a much deeper meaning as it plays on all the pop culture tropes of zombie movies with the amazing artwork of esteemed Root Beer Party member Anthony Hunter of Silent Sillies fame as well as the well crafted writing of Karen Schaeperkoetter.


Lame brains is an amazing reminder of the humor to be found in the metaphysical search for the deeper meanings of life, death, love and afterlife.  Lame Brains reminds us that armed only with our uniquely human sense of humor can we stare into the abyss of the grave and laugh.

We look forward to issue #2 which is in the works to continue the story of Becky and Schmitty and find out the conclusion of the ultimate metaphysical question.  They are funding the project on Kickstarter here:

I once again seal the comic into its Mylar sleeve and hand it to one of the many Root Beer Monks to return to it’s rightful place among the history of comic art.  For around us is the true legacy of mankind.  Our comics.

So let us leave this vault of honor and return to the world to partake of the elixir of life that is root beer and as always True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.


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