The Official Root Beer Party Portrait Gallery #3

Finally we have the third portrait in our grand opening of The Official Root Beer Party Portrait Gallery.  Once again our resident artist and Co-President Kim Belding has painstakingly crafted a new masterwork which will hang in our gallery as a marker for one of the greatest influences on the modern age of the Root Beer Party.  Here we have the portrait of our Chief Ambassador James Boyd of Sunny Side Up Comics.  James has single handedly expanded the reach of the root beer party literally around the globe.  Here we have a Pop Art representation of one of the true masters of the webcomic scene as well as one of the greatest diplomats to ever grace the planet.  No stone is unturned in James’ quest to unearth the greatest comics of the modern era and bring them here to the Root Beer Party where they belong.  While it was Esparza, Belding and myself which fought in the trenches of the Great Root Beer War, it was James who has built the party and taken it from the a battle weary rag tag war veterans to the heights of civilized refinement and prosperity.  James we salute you:


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