Official Root Beer Party Portrait Gallery #4 Saad Azim


We are back once again True Believers in the newly built Official Portrait Gallery of the Root Beer Party and our resident artist Kim Belding has created another masterpiece.  In this new masterpiece we capture the man, the genius, the legend that is Saad Azim.  It must be said that Saad joined the party due to his great admiration and respect for fellow comic artist James Boyd, (who he can never stop praising, a more modest man than James would be embarrassed by the constant adulation, but James seems OK with it.), Saad has defined himself as the very ideal of what a Root Beer Party Member should be.  Above and beyond the realms of comics, Saad Azim has is not only half of the great team who make Sunny Side Up Comics, but with grace and humility, he has also unburdened the Root Beer Party Monks of many of their tedious chores, by teaching them how to domesticate llama’s for farm work.  So Today we honor Saad Azim with an official portrait in the hallowed halls of root beer.  Welcome to immortality Saad.

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