Comic Collection Review: The Fuzzy Princess Volume 1 by Charles Brubaker


Once again we descend into the sacred repository of The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives.  Today we will look at one of our latest additions to the greatest collection of human achievement, our comics.   I was notified from our illustrious Co-Presidents of the arrival of a new submission and immediately leapt into action to archive and review our latest acquisition.  This masterpiece of comic art comes to us from one of our own Root Beer Party members Charles Brubaker.  This is his third collection of comics, but the first in this series.

The Fuzzy Princess Volume 1 is sort of an innocuous title, at first glace one might mistake it for the usual sort of kid literature that one dismissively walks by everyday.  The art of the cover reflects this sort of childish innocence that one would expect to find in the Pre-teen section of any bookstore, but this deceptive packaging hides a much more subversive truth.


We are immediately thrown into the action of the story as Katrina or Kat the Fuzzy Princess of St. Paws, a kingdom where all animals live in harmony,  crashes to Earth to the surprise of Jackson, who is about to be attacked by “Bloated Whale.”  Bloated Whale is the preferred nickname of the bully in this story.  It is also an allegory of a much larger symptom, Bloated Whale represents the manifestation of life or at least modern life, which at this moment in the action is about to crush our protagonist Jackson.

The Fuzzy Princess is a humorous moral tale of modern society.  We get the removed perspective of the alien princess in Kat, but also the wide eyed innocent view of Jackson as well.


Here we have the introduction of the alien perspective to the apathetic view of life in the form of Jackson’s sister.  Her role in the tale is to represent the normal view of life, she is sort of the baseline of the average joe in this world.  Unlike Jackson, she has learned how to cope with the world and has found the key to co-existence even in the face of the Bloated Whale of life.

Her responses to the absurdity of the new found situation is a sort of litmus test for Jackson and Kat’s challenging of the societal norms.


We find that Jackson is not alone in his opposition to the social norms, we also have Gladdie and her sister the “Weird Princess.”  The Weird Princess is sort of a human counterpart to Kat’s disruptive and challenging view.  She is more of a thrill seeker looking at the bloated Whale of life and finding the absurdity of it all amusing.

Kat is also not without her own problems as a political element is introduced into the story in the form of a rat spy from another alien kingdom.  He will later align himself with the Bloated Whale in order to attempt to stamp out the challenge to the conventional societal structures.

Kat also has her consorts, Kuma a solipsistic bear who is easily distracted and Bat who is the voice of reason reigning in the chaos of Kat’s personality while maintaining a royal decorum.


This comic has far more going for it than you would first imagine by glancing at the cover.  It is an engaging tale of challenge and acceptance in the face of the overwhelming pressures of life.  Everyone is weird in their own way, and the connection between us is ultimately what allows humanity to overcome the obstacles of life.  The Fuzzy Princess is at once an engaging tale of comic frivolity and at the same time a biting social satire on the importance of friendship and family in staving off the cold reality or Bloated Whale of life.

I would highly recommend this work for your own collections and you can find it on Amazon here:

You can also check out his web site her for the latest comics:

The Fuzzy Princess is a comic which can be read for the fun of a engaging story and hilarious hijinks, or you can delve in deeper to find the deeper meaning of our universal connection in life, our humanity.  Sometimes it takes an alien to point it out to us.  Check it out.  So until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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