Official Root Beer Party Portrait #7 Peter Rasmussen


Once again we head into The Official Portrait Gallery of the Root Beer Party, where our resident artist and Co-President Kim Belding is unveiling his latest masterpiece.  Notice the subtle curve of the line and the use of squiggles to give texture to the clothing of the subject.  It is reminiscent of Van Goth in it’s use of brushstroke to convey movement.  The stark black and white contrast without the use of any color is invocative of the monochrome movement of the avant-garde scene in the late twentieth century.  This is truly a master work in comic art.

Peter Rasmussen is also one of the officers of the Root Beer Party as well as performing his duties as a comic artist and parental expert in Denmark, he is also the Deputy Secretary of State for The Root Beer Party and our Official Representative to the European Union.  His job is to expand the love of root beer and comics across all of Europe and he works hard at it everyday.

You can check out his comic here:

So pass the root beer and cheese and continue to explore the Official Root Beer Party Portrait Gallery, and as always True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.



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