Mr. Blob’s Mysteries


Mr. blob has been busy this new year.  He has been all over the world of comics visiting all of his friends in the Root Beer Party.


Ninja and Pirate stumbled into a world where Mr. Blob once ruled with an iron fist before the apes took over.


Mr. Blob got into shape to visit the world of the legendary Jack Kirby, everyone was surprised by his new look.


He visited his friends over at the Root Beer Party and got into a heated yet divine debate


He stopped by Sunny Side Up to share some career advice.



Then he went over to visit his long lost friend Zombie Boy.

He then went and made some new friends over at Tiffany and Corey


But he never lost his love of mysteries and exposing the truth about the comic industry.


And of course he just can’t help himself getting in trouble on twitter and having to get inflated as punishment.


But he did finally settle down and get back to work with his friends at the Root Beer Party.


So as you can see, Mr. Blob has been busy so far this year traveling all over the comic universe having fun with all his friends.  What sort of craziness will he get into for the rest of the year, no one knows, but he will continue to get by with a little help from his friends.

So keep a look out for Mr. Blob and all his Root Beer Party friends, and as always True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.


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