Happy 40th Anniversary Garfield from the Root Beer Party


     Welcome back True Believers, we are here to acknowledge the tributes paid to the biggest star of the comics page, Garfield.  I saw a post on facebook which mentioned that they were accepting fan submissions for the upcoming 40th anniversary book.  I forwarded it to the Root Beer Party’s Official Facebook group page and a lot of members submitted their tributes.  Most of them were accepted and are available in the book which can now be purchased here:   https://www.amazon.com/Age-Happens-Garfield-Hits-Big/dp/0345526090/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536257547&sr=8-1&keywords=garfield+40th+anniversary

     There is no better way for us to start off then with our own Co-President Kim Belding.  A long time fan of Garfield, he draws the comic Picpak Dog in which we can see the influence of humor and style from the great Jim Davis.  But many of our members made special appearances in this volume;


Here we have Penny E from Pen & Ink by our good friend Dee Parsons.  He speaks of Jim Davis’ influence in our 20 questions interview with him here:   https://rootbeerparty.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/20-questions-with-comic-creators-dee-parson-of-pen-ink/

Here we have the original gang meeting their modern counterparts 40 years later.  A great piece.  Well done Dee.


Here we have a comic done for the book by our own good friend Laura Yang of Yin and Yangster comics.  You can read about Laura in our own interview as well here:   https://rootbeerparty.wordpress.com/2017/06/24/20-questions-with-comic-artists-laura-yang-of-yin-and-yangster/

Once again we see the progression of Garfield from his original form to the modern fat cat we all know and love today.


Here is a comic where our good friend David Riddick pay tribute with a little cos-play from Intelligent Life.


I don’t know if this is a tribute to Garfield or a tribute to himself, but our good friend Bret Koth of Diamond Lil help celebrate this special event.  Bret actually worked with Jim Davis on Garfield, so this has a special meaning to him to have his own creation appear side by side with the cat he helped make famous.


Here is one from our good friend Mason Mastroianni who is now the artist behind the classic comic strip BC.  from one legendary strip to another, Garfield stands among the most elite comic strips ever created.


Who better to call for an anniversary special than our good friend Bob Scott?  His style is a perfect match for this type of tribute, Bob works in sort of a nostalgic style of art which invokes the classic comics of old and the newspapers which once ruled the industry.


A tribute from another classic comic strip and our good friend John Rose of Snuffy Smith.  Snuffy knows a thing or two about turning 40, He turned 40 in 1959.  Next year will mark 100 years for Snuffy Smith and the whole gang, what could be more bodacious then that?


Here is one from our good friend Mike Peters, who has enough Reubens awards to open a deli.  His Mother Goose and Grimm comics came a few years after Garfield, but Grimmy has never been a stranger to poking fun at the fat cat.

As you can see, Garfield played an important role in all of our lives.  We stand upon the shoulders of giants in this industry, and it is upon Garfield’s hefty shoulders that the Root Beer Party proudly stands.  So let’s all raise a frosty mug of root beer to the great fat cat and the man behind it all Jim Davis.  Until next time True Believers, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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