Comic Collection Review: The Fuzzy Princess Vol. 1 by Charles Brubaker


Once again we travel downwards into the seemingly bottomless void.  Dust crumbles around us as our torches ignite the passing cobwebs and momentarily illuminate the claustrophobic tunnel before us.  the fire from my torch is but a pinhole of light in the endless curtain of darkness all around me.  The tunnels are textured with the hammer marks made millennia ago by the ancient order of Root Beer Monks, who have created and preserved this passageway since time immortal.  The tunnel grows wider and the steps beneath me are more evenly spaced, Below is a slight blue hue which flickers with green, an eerie effect as the darkness presses in on me and the temperature rises.  The dust clings to my skin and forms an irritable cake upon every pore on my body.  what manner of madness have I stumbled upon?  Why would a man inch ever downward into the endless void of the earth?

The Blue light flickers once more and I extinguish the torch.  I have reached the more modern part of the tunnel and electric lights have been fitted.  The claustrophobic tunnel has given way to a seemingly endless cavern.   I can’t even fathom the height and vastness of this place.  For here, beneath the earth we have come to the goal of my quest, The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives.  Hidden away and preserved by the dedicated order of Root Beer Monks, they have collected the greatest works of comic art through out the history of mankind.  They scoured the burning libraries of Alexandria in 48 BC, risking flame and death to preserve these treasures and have continued to do so.

Today, I am here to look upon one of our more recent acquisitions.  From our fellow Root Beer Party member himself Charles Brubaker, Who’s 20 questions interview can be read here:

You can buy his books on Amazon here:

And for the real reason we are here:  A full color edition of The fuzzy Princess Vol. 1 is live on Kickstarter.  Head on over and check it out now.

The goal of The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives is to preserve the masterpieces of comic art and a full color edition, rendered as the comics themselves were created is a must have for us or any real fan of comic art.  Let me show you some of the work you will be seeing in this modern day masterpiece.  I will start with the first adventure of volume 1:  The fuzzy trio has arrived


Here we have the main characters of the Fuzzy Princess comic including the Fuzzy Princess herself Kat.  Chiro the bat and Kuma the bear.  Princess Katrina is the princess of St. Paws a land where all animals co-exist in harmony, but today she has chosen to take a trip into another world.  A world we may find familiar.


Here we have Jackson our human hero facing a common dilemma of life,  the bullies.  (Note the hair reference nod to the 3 Stooges)  Now the Fuzzy Princess is a fish out of water tale, but at the same time it allows a sort of objective observance of the human condition as well.  The story is actually punctuated with not just fantastical elements, but also a sociological and human reference that grounds the story with greater relevance.


In this panel we are introduced to Jordan, the sister of Jackson, who is the matriarch of the family and brings a realistic foil to counterpoint the fantastical nature of the story. Jordan acts as the everyman, confronted by an unbelievable situation.  She asks the questions one would expect if you found yourself in similar circumstances.  Jordan is also the Pragmatist of the comic in that she views things in a practical and realistic manner.


Jordan is also the foil for the punchlines and the heroic comic foil in many cases, until newer characters are introduced in later stories.  In the case above, logic meets pragmatism with a sighing shrug.


Without giving away too much of the story, we see Princess Katrina coming to the aid of Jackson and dealing with the bullies.  A simple storyline is only the beginning of this tale.  we also must deal with Princess Kat’s friends who were separated from her at the beginning of the story.  The story itself is not overly simplistic, but it does give a great introduction to all of the characters and the basic philosophical premise of the storyline in this first tale.  There is a lot more going on here then just a simple tale of bullies being brought to justice or even lost friends, this story is a hero’s quest, but who is the real hero here?  Is it the Fuzzy Princess bringing her Utopian ideals to a new world, or is it the humanity of Jackson and his involvement and acceptance of the Fuzzy Princess?


This epic tale has already produced two volumes and now a full color version is being funded as well.  This review is but a snippet of the actual story, You can visit Charles Brubaker’s webpage for the Fuzzy Princess here to check out the full story:

I now reseal this masterpiece and return it to the care of the dedicated Root Beer Monks.  It will be cataloged and preserved for future generations.  We look forward to a full color version of the book being produced, so that we may see The fuzzy Princess in it’s full original glory.  So I will leave you now True Believers, to check out this volume for yourselves, and as always, may your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.