Comic Collection Review: The Dominic & Claire Funnies by Max West


     Once more we descend downward into the vast cavernous darkness.  The light from out flickering torch is swallowed by the oppressive inky blackness that swims all around us.  The walls are pockmarked with the chisel strikes of forgotten aeons as these tunnels were hammered out by hand, descending ever downward into the infinite madness of the nothingness that lies beneath us.  Our movements downward seem to go on forever, time has lost it’s meaning in these tunnels which have been hidden from the sun since it was but a starburst in the center of the Milky Way, yet still we sink ever downward.

     The tunnels open up giving respite to the oppressive claustrophobia which had hung over us like a sickening sweat.  Days?  Weeks?  Months?  It has no meaning down here, for the light up ahead burns through the darkness with an intensity of a mouth of madness screaming the echo of the Big Bang and calling into existence the very insanity that is life and death, for we have entered The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives.

     Today we have brought forth a new offering to collection which houses the greatest achievement in all of human history, our comics.  The dedicated Root Beer Party Monks have prepared a Mylar bag for our latest acquisition.  Since man first scribbled his thoughts upon the cave walls, the Root Beer Party Monks have been here building this collection and today we bring forth a new submission from Max West, a new spin off series from his Sunnyville Stories:  Dominic & Claire.


     In New Gestad, is Rusty’s cousin Dominic.  Here we have a comic which captures the essence of Max’s previous work in Sunnyville Stories, but in a shorter and more streamlined fashion.  Having established the worldbuilding and the mythos of the Sunnyville Stories, Dominic & Claire brings the same classic style of humor which reminds me a lot of the old Vaudevillian style of clever word play building up to a classic finale.

     The streamlined artwork allows for the classic humor style to really shine through, this comic feels like a loving homage to the Abbot & Costello style of humor while bringing a more inclusive and deeper world into play.  It builds upon the Sunnyville Stories, but brings it’s own style of humor to set it apart as a separate entity.  I can feel this style of humor in the works of Jack Benny or Bob Newhart or any of the classic comedy duos such as Burns and Allen or The Bickersons, but it has a more modern feel.


In Dominic & Claire we see a modern interpretation of the comic genius’ of the golden era of comedy.  It would fit right along side with Marx Brothers or any of the great comedy teams.  While Sunnyville Stories gave us more of an involved story, much like Archie Comics with a whole world of characters within the confines of a small town, Dominic gives us the fast punchline and the comedy routines that are destined to become modern classics.

You can get a PDF copy at Drive Through Comics Here:

So we release this first issue into the archival vaults of The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives and return once more to the world above in our never ending search for humanities greatest accomplishment:  Our comics.

So check back here again True Believers for more interviews and comic reviews from the vaults of The Official Root Beer Party Comic Archives, and as always, May your mug always be frosted and your root beer always foamy.

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